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Michael Lohan

I Helped Octomom

Get Into Treatment

11/1/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He failed miserably at getting Lindsay Lohan to enter rehab -- but Michael Lohan was one of the main reasons Octomom is now getting help for drug abuse ... because he helped arrange her treatment program ... TMZ has learned.
Michael tells us, he's been running a nonprofit organization based in Florida for the last nine months that stages interventions for people in need of substance abuse treatment ... and so far, he's already performed over 25.

Sources close to Michael tell us, Octomom's manager, Gina Rodriguez recently voiced her concerns to him about the mother of 14 issues with dependency -- so Michael and Gina decided to take action last week, making arrangements for Octomom's treatment program.

Michael tells us, "The most important thing is the willingness to realize and surrender to the issue and commit to getting help, which Nadya did!"

He adds, "If it wasn’t for her manager Gina, my good friend, Tim Chapman at the Chapman house/Teen savers and Gina's daughter, this would not have been possible. They deserve a lot of credit!"

Octo's currently in a 30-day in-patient program for Xanax abuse, but she still gets to call her kids twice a day.


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FM King    

He's Octomom's manager? Sheesh! Why does that not surprise me? I think her 15 mins are over...can she finally now just slide into oblivion?

723 days ago


She''s already so damn ugly without trying to be all pouty-lipped and sexy. Give it up, Octoslunt! You're orangutan butt-ugly and a pitiful laughing stock. She's so bottom-of-the-barrel skanky. What a pitiful disgrace that her poor kids have to be exposed to such a sick parent. They'll never have a normal life because she's too self-centered to care anything about anyone but herself and her short-lived career - if you can call it that. If she did care about them, she'd have adopted them out to give them a greater opportunity for a decent, normal life.
If the State of Cali really cared about them, they'd have taken them from her at birth. Nobody will ever convince me that they believed she could afford to raise them in a decent, healthy environment.

723 days ago


Thats a laugh Michael Lohan helping the Octomom. Whos helping Michael Lohan????

723 days ago


But Shade...she thought and still thinks she is gonna be a STARRRRRRRRRRR!! She's so talented..don't know?? She had 8 kids cut out of more ...her twins...and the rest out of the bullet hole she now calls her vaGina!! She even had to get multiple plastic surgeries to try and get the face and body..then had the lips cut off her VaGina and put on her face to prepare for the porn world..funny how nothing has sold and her only true income is welfare, SSI for her disabled victims and last but not stamps. She was just seen using her EBT card for food a couple weeks ago..!!! She needs more than a pretend stint at rehab..that is only for her porn manager, Gina, to be able to sell pics of the kids and make money off interviews. Her son works for TMZ, hence the daily free publicity. If you want the truth about OctoLIPS go to Radar Online. At least they tell the facts!!

723 days ago


I come on tmz to get a good laugh , And boy do I get plenty of laughs ! Lol

723 days ago


So she's surrounded by parasites.

I guess Sam Lufti will want to manage her too.

So Michael Lohan has found another disturbed woman to sell stories about. Being dependent on just Lindsay seemed like a precarious way to make money, even though it's worked for him for years.

And soon he'll have a new baby, so s/he'll get put to work as soon as possible. Girls seem to be more marketable than boys, so for his sake, I hope it's a girl.

But...poor kid, with those parents. Hopefully he'll stay sober himself, but he and Kate Major have a volatile relationship so it seems unlikely.

723 days ago


This guy is unfreakingbelieveable! This guy and his life are so screwed up - hes constantly in and out of jail and is an alcoholic, but he feels qualified to help Lindsay and now Nadya get their lives on track. What a freaking joke!!! Go get your OWN life together you gigantic idiot and stay out of other peoples business. PS: your daughter wants nothing to do with you!!!

723 days ago


OH baloney and BS. They have the same manager and she's cooking up more garbage to whitewash her clients.

723 days ago


Of course he helped her, media whores have to stick together. TMZ how much do you buy him as one of your employees?

723 days ago


MILO is a LOSER! I for one would NOT ever help this woman with anything! She made her she has to lay in it!

723 days ago


Father of the year back at it again. Between being a high-profile celebrity and a wonderful father where does he find the time to be such an outstanding member of the community? Runs a "nonprofit" organization based out of Florida huh? In other words, once and a while he negotiates and arranges an intervention so that everyone knows the organization is a "legit" and "real" thing, and then the rest of the time the money ends up going to "business expenses" (ie bar tabs, cocaine habits, new cell phone belt holsters, etc. you know..all the important things in life)

723 days ago


I always wonder what type of clinic/doctors allows this idiot to work for them. Not even the fake dr drew wants to be associated with this moron. Poor Octopomom.

723 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Dude, just SHUT UP for a while. SHUT. UP.

723 days ago


A lot of former addicts do have careers giving back and working in rehab. But Michael Lohan come on and look at who he is helping? Can't he find anyone normal to work with? Please let this man and his family just go away. Why do people need this public validation? I can see wanting money but the fame part you can keep. How desperate, this family will do anything to stay in the publics eye and have idiots like me commenting on them. I need a drink.

723 days ago

Dee Ambrose    

I feel so sorry for her and her children. Why oh why do we have to blame kids for being here, which is no fault of their. Someone should start a fund for her and her children. We could all put in $1 -

723 days ago
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