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Mitt Romney

Casts His Vote

... for Mitt Romney

11/6/2012 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

It's ON!!! The election is officially underway ... and Republican candidate Mitt Romney has officially cast his vote for President of the United States ... probably for himself.

Mitt -- along with his wife Ann -- hit up their local polling place in Belmont, Massachusetts this morning ... with some big, confident smiles.

According to every media outlet in America, the race is super close ... and will come down to the wire.

So, you can either drive yourself crazy watching all of the election coverage ... oooooor there's a brand new "Sons of Anarchy" on F/X tonight.

Choose wisely.


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Logan Walker    

i Hope its a good Episode of Sons of Anarchy

686 days ago


Every Mormon from Colorado City, Brigham Young to Bangladesh is wearing their magic underwear hoping this election will some how validate their cult!

686 days ago


Obama will win because what counts is the electorial votes. Ohio knows the truth about the AUTO INDUSTRY. Mitt wanted to LET DETROIT GO BROKE. Also, the Romney Ryan team wants to end Planned Parenthood,as we know it and it will be pay out of pocket and they do not believe in equal pay for women and men. They favor women NOT getting equal pay for equal work. They want to give elderly people VOUCHERS and this would mean that they would have to pay out of their pockets to get the best medical care. Why do these poor seniors like this, it is like some sort of CLEANSING-it is awful to not take care of our own. This will be like a third world country because most of the things Fought for like Freedoms that Martin Luther King died for will be WIPED OUT. It will be sad that long fought for freedoms could be washed away. No help with free lunches for the kids and this may be the only meal a child has is at school. If a person is in love with someone of their own gender then he is against Gay Rights. They want to make Abortion a Crime. and Enough Said, MY VOTE IS FOR OBAMA

686 days ago


I voted for Mitt this morning.


686 days ago

Throwback kid    

What a class couple! After Mitt becomes President I want the unemployed Obama and Hillary Clinton to answer questions under oath about Benghazi, if they are caught lying then they should both be charged with a crime. Obama has been a horrible President and a disgrace as a man. Four Americans were murdered and he went to Vegas and said it wasn't terrorist's when he knew the truth after 2 hours

686 days ago


Time for another TMZ Poll:
Ann Romney:
[ ] Moaner
[ ] Screamer
[ ] Spitter
[ ] Swallower

686 days ago


Brewster's Millions 2012 **==

686 days ago


I am always surprised at what hatred so many people have now. It really comes out in the responses to articles.

686 days ago


You must be one of Willard's dupes.
You're day to vote is tomorrow.

686 days ago


Major douchebag.

Hope he enjoys his vacation, starting Wednesday.

686 days ago


Go Mitt.... Wonder if Obama will ride the free bus to cast his vote?

686 days ago


I am going to vote for Mitt in abt 1/2 hr . Go Mitt,Go!

686 days ago


Romney is NOT predicted to win in MA. Those who know him best will vote for anyone but him. I guess it is he and Ann against the sensible, non magic underwear wearing public

686 days ago


I think Mitt will make a great President and that his lovely wife Ann will be a gracious first lady!

686 days ago


Wheres the picture of Obama voting for HIMSELF ?

686 days ago
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