TMZ Live Lindsay Lohan ... Prosecutors Call Liar Liar

11/6/2012 11:30 AM PST

TMZ Live: Lindsay Lohan -- Prosecutors Call Liar Liar

TMZ Live

Lindsay Lohan ain't gonna skate on that smash-up with a semi-truck -- TMZ broke the story ... she WILL be prosecuted for lying to cops about the accident! So, is LiLo going to jail this time? Chances are ...

Plus, Brad Pitt breaks into the furniture biz -- but does he actually know what he's doing ... or is he just so damned good looking they'll let him do anything? TMZ Live investigates!

Also, billionaires Mark Cuban and Donald Trump square off ... on Twitter. The only thing more ridiculous than super-rich dudes in a Twitter war is Harvey and Charles' dramatic reading of their tweets.
(0:00) Lindsay Lohan is in big trouble yet again -- she's going to get charged with a misdemeanor for lying to police officers ... which could mean a whole lotta jail time.
(7:45) We told you so -- Lil Wayne lost his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III after failing to show up in court.
(10:00) Hate R. Kelly all you want ... but we have video of him stopping a fight during one of his concerts ... by SINGING. You gotta see this ... and hear the newsroom's pitchy reenactments.
(15:00) Budweiser is pissed off about the movie "Flight" -- because Denzel Washington's character is constantly getting smashed on the company's booze ... call it product placement at its worst. Plus... Harvey shares personal stories about going undercover (wig included) during his news days to bust drunken pilots.
(18:00) "10 Things I Hate About You" actor Andrew Keegan got manhandled outside of a party (there's a pattern here) ... only this time he's suing over it.
(22:10) The bus driver who uppercutted a disruptive female passenger got fired ... so who's really in the wrong here?
(24:10) "American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips aced our media training session -- and it ended up biting us in the ass.
(28:10) And now a dramatic reading of Donald Trump and Mark Cuban's Twitter war ... played exquisitely by Harvey and Charles.
(33:00) Brad Pitt is designing furniture now -- and it's pretty awesome ... and even more expensive. But don't get too excited ... Gary says Brad could crap on the floor and people would love it.
(37:00) Famed writer John Patrick Shanley is being sued by an ex girlfriend because he roughed her up during sex.
(39:00) The floor is yours!