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Cee Lo

Sexual Assault Accuser

Had Long History with Singer

11/7/2012 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman accusing Cee Lo Green of drugging and sexually assaulting her was not on a first date with the singer -- not by a long shot -- they had a long history together ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... the woman told cops Cee Lo took her to a downtown L.A. restaurant in July, where she claims he slipped a drug in her drink. She says the next thing she knew she was laying naked in a bed with him in a room. Cops are investigating the allegation and we're told the case will be referred to the L.A. County DA.
Sources connected with the case tell us ... the woman and Cee Lo met at the Super Bowl in February, 2012. They hung out over the weekend. She went back to Houston, where she lives, and Cee Lo returned to L.A., but they stayed in touch and dated on and off ever since. In addition to seeing each other (he flew her out to L.A. from time to time), they frequently texted and spoke on the phone.

Sources tell TMZ ... the woman sometimes asked Cee Lo to buy her expensive things and even asked his friend how she could get him to buy her expensive things.

Sources connected with Cee Lo tell us ... on the day in question, he had flown her out to L.A. They went to the restaurant and afterward both took Ecstasy and stayed up all night. One source says, "No one was unconscious."

Our Cee Lo sources claim the woman fabricated the story because she's involved with someone back in Texas who got wind she was in L.A. with Cee Lo and she was just covering her butt.

Sources connected with the woman say her relationship with Cee Lo is irrelevant, because Cee Lo is on tape allegedly apologizing and referencing MDMA (Ecstasy), saying he thought the drug would help them have an exciting time together.


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The pretext phone calls make sense now..I'm sorry..absolutely could be s sentence to a "friend" who is complaining about an experience.
I am so glad because I like CeeLo

680 days ago


It sounds like a set-up to me. It seems as if the woman and Cee Lo had a history of partying together, and drugs likely factored into it. I'm willing to bet it's not the first time they did E together (not saying it's wrong or right, but just my impression). Sounds like he didn't buy the woman something expensive that she wanted so she's playing hardball. It's really quite sick.

679 days ago


It makes perfect sense why he would apologize now, he thought they were close enough to where he could do things for her without her permission. I was thinking this was 1st or early dating but they've been dating each other for almost a year.

What rapist in the past used X for rape anyways?

679 days ago


@ all the people that condemn rape victims that don't immediately go to the police...have you ever been raped? Do you actually know any rape victims? I know many women and not ONE went to the police or hospital immediately after. Most of them never even reported it because they were too traumatized or in denial or just wanted it to go away. Wait till your wife or daughter or mother or sister gets raped and doesn't tell you for months after the fact. Will you accuse her of lying because she waited too long? Cee lo is a POS that has admitted to torturing animals in his youth. That kind of evil, need for control, the enjoyment of making another suffer does NOT suddenly go away giving rise to a 'nice guy'. Psychopaths start off torturing animals before they go on to people. Looks like he has moved on.

679 days ago


she is a lying cheating whore she has a boyfriend and fly's out to see CEE LO can't trust a word she say's.

679 days ago


Regarding 'rape kits': you think its that easy, after being raped, to open your legs to a bunch of strangers so they can examine you THOROUGHLY, and swab you inside and out. Talk to a rape victim that had a rape kit. For many it is as traumatic as the rape itself. You *ssholes need to stop watching SVU and get a f*cking clue.

679 days ago


Regarding 'rape kits': you think its that easy, after being raped, to open your legs to a bunch of strangers so they can examine you THOROUGHLY, and swab you inside and out? Talk to a rape victim that had a rape kit. For many it is as traumatic as the rape itself. You *ssholes need to stop watching SVU and get a f*cking clue.

679 days ago


She's a man!

679 days ago


Actually not that rare, a woman getting caught cheating so she accuses the man she was cheating with of raping her, to save her own reputation and/or avoid the consequences in her relationship.
"Arlington mom who cried rape gets five years in slaying" @ Star-Telegram dot com
More than one innocent man has been killed for it over the years.

679 days ago


How can they have a long history together when they only met 9 months ago. I mean come on. REALLY? and so what if they knew each other before the rape. Are we going to have to have this forcible rape conversation again.

679 days ago


It's sounds like all they've got is Cee-Lo apologizing for giving this woman some Ecstasy that she says gave her a bad trip. We have to assume it was consensual because she didn't say it wasn't, and he didn't say it wasn't. Obviously you don't get people to sign a contract every time you share some drugs stating that it is consensual and they understand what they're getting into. Unless there's more to the story, this woman owes Cee-Lo a huge apology for making an accusation with no facts to back it up.

679 days ago


I saw an interview with the ratbastard known as Cee Lo in which he stated when he was younger, he tortured stray animals for entertainment.

679 days ago


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679 days ago


Isn't he married and isn't he known for saying what a good Christian he is. Yet another hypocrite who is judgmental of gays etc. He is creepy and it is not appropriate to be flying a woman to see him when he is married. He is one creepy dude.

679 days ago


If he slipped her a drug without her knowledge - that's bad stuff. Love Cee Lo - he's such a trip and you can tell a naughty, naughty boy - but if this is true....

679 days ago
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