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Halle Berry

SHUT DOWN in Custody Battle

Nahla Stays in U.S.A.

11/9/2012 4:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry just lost big in court -- a judge has ruled she cannot permanently move her 4-year-old daughter to France ... TMZ has learned.

Halle had been fighting tooth and nail with her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry to bring Nahla to Paris, where Halle wants to live with her fiance Olivier Martinez.

Halle argued the L.A. paparazzi scene made life in California too dangerous for her and her daughter -- but today the judge in the case ruled in favor of Gabriel, refusing to let Halle jet to France with their kid.

The full details of the ruling are unclear -- but one thing's for sure ... Halle did NOT get what she wanted. 

Halle has said from the beginning she never wanted to remove Gabriel from Nahla's life -- she merely believed France would be safer for everyone involved.


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A victory for fathers everywhere!!

692 days ago


Way to put your bf over your daughter! That's right! Up rooting your daughter, taking her from her father to go to a completely different country is disgusting. I have an idea! How about "Frenchie" bf move to the states? YA THINK??? Your bs excuse about the paps is redic. So thrilled for Nahla and Gaberiel!

692 days ago


HA HA! Crazy got shut down! She thought she had it in the bag, and her smugness got the better of her. She's a nasty, vindictive bitch, and it's only a matter of time before her crazy switch is turned on, and Olivier Martinez heads for the hills.

692 days ago


I had wondered all along ..... If she were granted the right to take her child to France - what would happen when she and Olivier break up? (Yeah - you know the chances of that are high.) Where would she go then??

692 days ago


I think this is how it should be. I was displaced from my father at 7 yrs old from FL to WI and basically never saw him again. Not a cool thing for a child.

692 days ago


Halle is so selfish. If their daughter is in france it's significantly reduce how often she sees her dad. Both biological parents are needed - not having her father would adversely effect her. But does Halle care about her daughter's emotional development? No She wants to live with her new hubby in france and so she makes up B.S. to make it happen for her

692 days ago


Ha ha, good. had it coming. She doesn't want to move to france cause it's 'safer for the kid' she wants to move to France cause her current boyfriend is from there and wants to live there. If her next boyfriend is from Sweden she'll claim Sweden is safer.There are PLENTY of celebs that have moved to ther cities in the US in order to raise their kids away from the paps Matthew Fox, Kevin Bacon/Kyra Sedwick, Sean Penn/Robin Wright, Sandra Bullock all live or have lived in places IN THE US that had little or no paps. She doesn't need to go across an ocean to get away from photographers. Besides, where did Princess Diana die? Paris. How? Chased to death by photographers...

692 days ago


For once a judge in California gets it right. Well done.

Any woman willing to take a little girl away from her Daddy, all because she is a vindictive b.iatch who holds a grudge, isn't someone I'd want to start a family with. Run, don't walk, Olivier! Her track record with men speaks for itself. Once a diva, always a diva.

692 days ago


Halle's assistant must be the one on here giving the Hate arrows down. lol

692 days ago


Excellent. Nahla deserves to have her dad in her life. Hale, did your mother isolate your father to the point you can't relate and now plan the same scenario. Clearly you have male issues. Get help. Your daughter may end up as bitter as you if you don't. You are so beautiful outside but so very black inside.

692 days ago


I am so glard this work out in his favor. Her excuse for moving is sad at best. She seems to me to be a spoiled brat whom is more than used to having her demands met. Sorry about the past aholes she has been with, gabriel does not sem to be one of them. She wants her way and that appears to be ripping her child from the father. sad excuse for a Mother in my experieced opinion.

692 days ago


I saw who this "I'm a star attitude" long time ago on regis kathy lee, he made some statements about her hit n run before she came on stage, for fun, but she showed her ass when she came out on iive. t.v.. she chewed him out like a bratty 6 year old, haven't liked her since. stupid freak!

692 days ago


GREAT for Gabriel! For once this b !t ch did not get her way!!!! They system has worked out just fine for Nahla and her daddy! :)

692 days ago



692 days ago


After seeing what kind of a vindictive person Halle Berry truly is, I will never watch another movie or show that she is a part of!!!

692 days ago
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