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Full Bieber LOCKDOWN

11/15/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Bieber's gonna have a tough time getting back with Selena Gomez -- 'cause we've learned she's gone to Defcon 1 when it comes to cutting JB out of her life! Is she just playing head games?

Plus, Robert De Niro chews out Jay-Z for failing to return his phone call -- which, naturally, begs the question ... who's the real king of NYC?

Also, Michael Lohan joins us to talk about his televised paternity test. Yep, LiLo's got another new sibling.

(0:00) Selena Gomez is completely cutting Justin Bieber out of her life -- even blocking him on Facebook. Yep, it just got real, folks.
(6:00) Art imitates life -- a plot line on "Modern Family" totally mirrors what's happening in Ariel Winter's life.
(10:00) The General Petraeus scandal is great news for one porn star -- who happens to share the same name as one of the women involved.
(14:00) A news anchor calls Rachel Maddow an "angry young man" -- and Harvey is pissed off because he sees it as a knock on her sexuality.
(18:00) Michael Lohan calls in to talk about the televised paternity test he took -- that proved he's the father of a 17-year-old girl. You gotta see the awkward moment that occurred when the girl found out he was her father.
(24:00) A feud erupts between Robert De Niro and Jay-Z -- which begs the question ... who's the bigger star in NYC?
(29:10) Jason Aldean marches his wife out on TV and says that their relationship is fine after his cheating scandal. His wife does not look like she shares the same sentiment.
(33:00) Harvey is sick of politicians fawning over celebrities -- after Jada Pinkett Smith made an appearance to raise awareness for human trafficking.
(37:10) It's that time again -- Tim's worst pitches of the week.
(41:00) The floor is yours!

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Internet Tough Guy    

I bet Mikes shirt is black

706 days ago


Wow, denied, that was harsh, Mr. Moderator. I guess I can't voice my displeasure about American politics. Geez, bit touchy today are we?

706 days ago


Is the Bieber/Gomez split another fake like the RPatz/Kstew garbage. Have you noticed how much attention Selena is getting over this now? We get all kinds of Bieb crap, never Selena unless they are together. Guess it was time for her to take over the spotlight.

706 days ago


Jada, and Willow LOL Is like Mush mouth Jay z stumping for obama.

706 days ago


Who cares what a teenager has to say????

706 days ago


I can't wait to see Harvey and company fall all over themselves over Lohan. What you want to make a bet we get a phone call from the loser, or worse, a surprise visit?

706 days ago


Who was paid at TMZ to actually go through the Selena Twitter account to see if Biebs was still on there?

706 days ago


What is wrong with Harvey's clothes these days? Yesterday he wore a stripe sweater. Today, he's got a button lose on his shirt. Button it up Harvey! It's not a good sight!

706 days ago


WHAT THE HEY!!! Harvey, yesterday's shirt now this one. Dear God man, do you watch the reruns to see what shirts YOU SHOULDN"T wear? Ugh, Vertigo.

706 days ago


Lets see...

Justin Bieber aka Rachael Maddow, Modern Family, Rachael Maddow aka Justin Bieber, Michael Logan -- I don't care about either of them!

De Niro vs Jay-Z? I wonder what's that about. Better be good!

Jason Aldean -- Who?

Petraeus! Finally!

And nwhat exactly did Willow Smith needed to testify about??

706 days ago


True, no need to mention Rachel Maddow's looks or style.
Just keep it realistic, say something accurate about her *personality* instead, example...."Rachel Maddow is an ignorant sexist moron with her head up her ass"...or...'Rachel Maddow is a scripted puppet paid by the network to spit out extreme bias"...or..."Rachel Maddow is responsible for regularly misleading the public into believing lies"

706 days ago


Miley's mother needs a McDonald's diet, DAILY!!!

706 days ago


Mute, don't care. Never watch the show.

706 days ago


Skyper looks like Bobbi Kristina

706 days ago


Mom lost the other daughter because of abuse, it's not complicated math here folks

706 days ago
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