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Ariel Winter Case

Children Services Says

Mom Should Lose Custody

11/20/2012 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A stunning development in the Ariel Winter case -- the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services has issued a blistering report against the "Modern Family" star's mom, saying the judge should strip her of custody and award a permanent guardianship to Ariel's older sister.

The DCFS report concludes Chrystal Workman, Ariel's mom, committed emotional abuse against her 14-year-old daughter.  As for the physical abuse claim, DCFS said the evidence is "inconclusive."

DCFS feels the situation is so dire, it planned to go to Dependency Court to make Ariel a ward of the state.  However, DCFS officials decided to give the judge in the current case a chance to award Ariel's sister, Shanelle Gray, a permanent guardianship.

Chrystal's lawyer suggested Shanelle had ulterior motives -- i.e., a money grab -- but the judge shut that argument down.

At one point during the hearing, Shanelle's lawyer told the court ... she wants Ariel and her parents to begin family therapy sessions as soon as possible.

The report also says Ariel is articulate and has credibility and that weighed in the conclusions.

The judge must now set a trial date to determine if he will create the permanent guardianship.


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Actually on another gossip site it said that the judge has not made a decision yet. He said he is leaving Ariel in custody of her sister until the next court date in december. Your site is putting more here than what happened. Gossipcop busted your butts.

701 days ago


a mother is one that protects you...not abuses you...Ariel...I wish you all the best in the world, as for her mother...lose weight and get therapy..youre a sick sick sick puppy!

701 days ago


When did family court cases with minors become public information? I was told these cases are sealed to protect the child or children. Child Protective Services reports aren't made public either TMZ. I don't understand how you are allowed to report this.

701 days ago


Here's the problem with Child Services: they write all of their reports in similar fashions. Children who are mentally ill and engage in self-harm are "targeted children" parents who try to get them help are the targeters. Based on court presentation alone we have no idea what went on here: not on the MF set, not in the Workman's home, no where. We know there's a history of "removal from the home"-- but we also know that it's when the child was most successful and voluntary emancipation is expensive and harder to obtain.

701 days ago


No California court acts in such an extreme way unless there is a VERY good reason.
This woman lost two daughters in a 20-year period and her own son turned against her today on the stand.
Ariel's mom is an evil, greedy bitch and karma is finally coming for her.
Mothers who live through their kids, these four words are for you: GET A DAMN JOB.
Millions of mothers work every day to take care of their children. They don't have to abuse or pimp their kids out to survive.

701 days ago


I can only imagine it;s like being in domestic abuse where Ariel brought home the bacon but got treated like a slave...if the allegations over her co-workers sneaking food in. It's very public and she must be very strong. I hope she can turn it to something positive and perhaps become an advocate for children (actors) who are being mishandled by their parents.

701 days ago


I do not know this girl, but she does sound like me as a teenager. I just hope one day she realizes how important her mother is. Without her she would be nothing. My stepson was taken out of his mother's home when he was 14 to live with my husband's parents. Both sets of people had their issues. The grandparents have spoiled him so much he gets away with everything. Drugs, sex, alcohol. I know now at least with his mom he would have known rules, no tolerance for drugs or alcohol. Teenagers need boundaries. She needs some. And family therapy.

701 days ago


but octomom, charlie sheen and taylor armstrong keep custody? huh??

701 days ago


This bothers me. I am an R.N. who lives in a large N.California city (county) full of meth....gang violence...every social blight possible. I had a job in 2006 until 2008 where I was contracted out from the Public Health Department to work @ Social Services ( with a specific population of medically impaired clients). I interfaced daily with CPS and the Department of Aging regarding suspicious bruises I found on a young disabled male on my case load or open sores on an geriatric adult.Honestly most of the time in order for me to get ANY action I had to go whine to my acting supervisor ( worker....little pit bull) who would always kick their lazy azzez into action.I would go over to their respective departments with all of my extensive paper work and reports in hand and find them gossiping drinking coffee and not wanting to be bothered. So the fact that this rich and famous kid is getting preferential treatment secondary to the fact that the media and TMZ keeps her in the spot light really bothers me knowing that there are a lot of kids and old folks out there whose emotional abuse.....neglect and sometimes physical abuse is being ignored:( NOT a bleeding heart BUT come on...."emotional abuse" yet we have heard nothing regarding any therapy.....counseling....or anything of that nature to substantiate the abuse allegations. Worth watching though becauseto me her 20 years older sister has a vendetta going:(

701 days ago


Ariel Winter?

What's next, Mohammad McCoy? M. Luscious Feinberg? LaTranisha-Margaret O'Malley? Erin Kaiser-Cho? Julio Hatfield? LaMontayne Kowalski? Oprah Chopra? (hey, he said it himself).

Yes, you fight Ariel. Fight for your right to a real life and real name. $$$ isn't everything.

701 days ago


To Crabby, I work with the developmentally disabled. It is astounding to me that I see so many people turn a blind eye to the abuse some of the patients endure. They blame it on "the patients violent nature" and bs like that. I have been given a hard time when I have reported it but I don't care; the patients I care for can't speak for themselves (the average IQ for my girls is 5 to 18), so they need someone to speak for them. I was glad to read that you defend the rights of your patients. Too many just don't care.

701 days ago


what you reported is false and misleading... there was no signs of physical abuse. accusations of verbal abuse is hearsay from ariel and boyfriend, who both admitted to do things but not going all the way... be reporters who readers can trust... what you are doing is not only awful, but you are aiding in a minor destroying her life. Her mother retains managing her money after it was apparent in court that all they were about was the money...and her sister has a temporary custody... ya'll should be ashamed...

700 days ago


I think this little girl wants to run her own show, thus trying to take her mother down. I say let her go, it will only be a matter of time without adult supervision that she will be coked up, doped up, and whored up!.

700 days ago


i wonder how much money she slipped the lady who talked to her

700 days ago


For all those claiming Ariel is a whore her mother filed the allegations three days AFTER her daughter made the allegations of physical and emotional abuse. Second thing that makes the mothers story look incridable is the mere fact she says that that incident occured on Sept 26th. If I ever caught my daughter in bed with an adult man why would I wait three weeks to file a claim with police????!!!!! Come on people open up your damn eyes and realize the mother was only in it for the money. Older sister was taken away and put into foster care on a similer scenerio. Also calling a fourteen yr old a whore is quite trashy. Calling anyone a whore regardless if it is true or not is trashy. I am amazed reading such negative comments regarding this fourteen yr old. Also I have read many articles stated that her eightteen yr old exe's family had altercations with Ariel's mother all due to them sending Ariel Biblical scriptures!!! Regardless of your religious preference to have an altercation with someone on scriptures just blows my mind. Sounds to me a ligit family teaching their son morals and values.

699 days ago
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