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Kim Kardashian


On Middle East Peace

11/21/2012 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is tired of not knowing stuff about the Israeli crisis -- so, naturally, she's jetting straight to NOT-Israel ... to learn stuff about it! Makes perfect sense.

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No Avatar


She knows a lot about "boning up"! Boom! Bam! Zing! I'll be here all night folks..

667 days ago


She only "bones up" black guys

667 days ago

OH NO!    

Notice when someone says boner, her mouth opens up nice and wide. It's like the 'pavlov dog' of coc.k.

667 days ago


Who is this fair damsel?

667 days ago


Really Poor choice of words when referring to Kimmy, Boning up, .... Please!

667 days ago


good for you kim....
bout time to grow up

667 days ago


Kim wants Hilary Clintons Job only she just wants the Secratary of State Plane. she will hire someone to do the real work but they will have to fly comercial and Kim will only pay for coach,

667 days ago


Poor choice of word, when is Kim not, Boning up??? Curious, Anyone ever notice in The commercial to come to California, Kim is actually holding a Quantum Physics Book, what's that all about, what would have made the commercial perfect, If she were holding the Book upside down, I only recently saw that was the book of choice...Yet again another Poor choice, You go Girl, I feel for you in an unexplainable way

667 days ago


Kim wants to name a new shake it is called the "Kim K peace treaty shake" it will cost 2million dollars going to the Kim K celebrity peace treaty fund direct deposit in Kims personal account at the Beverly Hills National Bank and Trust.

667 days ago

Spilled Milk    

She needs fall out of the spotlight for a while..she's over 30 with no kids and involved with an obvious in-the-closet homosexual narcissist...she has enough cash to take a long vacay and reprioritize her life..I actually admire Kim K for her business saavy but there's a thin line between entertainer and attention whoring baffoon and sadly, she has crossed that line..she needs to cut the umbilical cord from momma K and find a place to center herself

667 days ago


she is so UGLY, i bet you kanye west already has an exit plan. Shes either getting fat or really old and ugly fast!

667 days ago

✘♥OThe Weeknd's Wife✘♥O    

Why does somebody always have to mention she has a preference for Black guys? She's not a whore because of what race she's attracted to. Sheesh, it seems like people are more upset at the fact that she prefers black men then the fact she's famous for no reason.

667 days ago


Please....this is just pathetic damage control by this flipping idiot. She tweeted about an issue she knows nothing about, then deleted the whole thing when her middle eastern "fans" turned on her. She waits a few days then tweets she's going to Kuwait & Bahrain & wants to "set the record straight" then she got more negative tweets. She has no values; a total phony who cares only about herself. Its been a bad few days for Kim; tries to walk like a supermodel onstage at the MTV EMAs & almost falls flat on her face & now this. She donates only 10% of the proceeds from her EBay auctions to charity & Khloe only 15%. Greedy, disgusting people w/millions of idiot Twitter fans.

667 days ago


So you put up another story of this h0e, which is the basically the same damn story you put up of her yesterday? You all are obsessed and beyond stupid if you actually believe she cares. She going there to promote and make money and since people are pissed about her dumb@ss tweets, she now says she is going there is educate herself. It doesn't take a genius to realize she is fake as f*ck and doing this for PR purposes, you dumb f*cks. You want to educate yourself then pick up some history books, takes classes, you don't have to fly there and possibly talk to people or have a tour guide with you or some sh*t. She is just so full of sh*t, it's obvious, which is why I hate her fans and dumb@ss skank-loving news media more. Can't believe how gullible and stupid. P.s. Her plastic surgery is awful, way to f*ck you face up.

667 days ago

Joan K    

KMZ don't you ever get sick of kissing Kartrashians azz? This scanky nobody must be very busy over at the KMZ studio for you to keep trying to make this family relevant

667 days ago
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