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Chevy Chase

I'm Leaving 'Community'

... But I Wasn't Fired!

11/21/2012 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Chevy Chase's "Community" college days are OVER ... the actor has struck a deal to leave the NBC sitcom ... effective immediately.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chase didn't quit ... nor was he fired ... but it was a "mutual decision" between the actor and producers. 

FYI -- producers have already shot the majority of the upcoming season ... and Chase will remain in those episodes. It's unclear if Chase's exit will be explained on the show ... or if it will simply go on as if Pierce Hawthorne never existed.

The move comes as no surprise -- Chase has been very critical of the show ... and famously left a nasty voicemail for creator Dan Harmon ... basically telling him that he sucks.


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Jay W.     

Well... at least it's mutual. I was beginning to believe that perhaps Chevy, was turning into an "ornery old bastard."

701 days ago


We need more creators, producers and directors to call out these actors/actresses for biting the hand that feeds them. Chevy, you should be so lucky to get a job at your age although I suspect you've more than enough money to just retire and disappear. You and Megan Fox should get together for a chat over a cup of "HUMILITY".

701 days ago


No surprise. Actors who constantly complain usually end up getting written off a show.

701 days ago


WHOOOOOOOOOOOA, MAJOR BACKTRACK ON TMZ. I had enough time to post my thoughts before you guys changed the headline. I guess your lawyers warned you about wording huh?

701 days ago


Chevy Chase
I'm Leaving 'Community'................GOOD !

701 days ago


Everything I've heard is that Chevy is a massive pain in the @$$ to work with, and that the rest of the cast just puts up with his crap to preserve the show. So, now that he's gone, BRING BACK DAN HARMON.

701 days ago


Chevy may be a jerk in general, but he was correct about Dan Harmon. I know people that work on the Community set and pretty much everyone hated him. Just like a broken clock is correct twice a day, Chevy is right about things on occasion.

701 days ago


Chevy...DO let the door hit ya on the way out! What a dope.

701 days ago


$10 the show will be canceled before all Chevy's episodes air.

701 days ago


The only question I have is why Chase ever signed up for what is possibly the worst tv show ever put on the air? I just cannot fathom how this horrible show even got a pilot, let alone a run.

701 days ago


who cares, seriously

701 days ago


I still prefer the original headline. The minute I saw...Chevy Chase OUT in "COMMUNITY". I thought he was either coming out of the closet or the writers on the show decided he'd be a gay character. Guess that's why you changed the headline, huh? LOL

701 days ago


Is Chevy just getting to be a grumpy old man, or does he just have enough money to say phooey?

701 days ago


I don't know how that show is still on the air - it really sucks.

701 days ago


Eh, maybe with him gone all the tension will stop and the show can get better. I mean, they have a cast full of talented and likeable actors, the show should be better. I like "community" but for a little while now I have noticed I have been forcing myself to like it because I like the cast. Maybe with whatever anger they had on set being gone, they can focus on making it funny.

I hope they explain the charecter leaving on the show though. It would be annoying if they act as though he never existed.

701 days ago
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