TMZ Live Kelsey Grammer Where's the Baby Seat?

11/28/2012 11:30 AM PST

TMZ Live: Kelsey Grammer -- Where's the Baby Seat?

TMZ Live

Video of Kelsey Grammer, his wife, and their baby leaving the airport WITHOUT a car seat has Kelsey pissed off -- and it's also got someone in the newsroom fired up!

Plus, there's finally a little movement in the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries divorce -- very little -- and Kim's busy rubbing elbows ... with a U.S. ambassador in the Middle East. Don't ya love politics?

Also ... is Jessica Simpson pregnant again? If so, that's one hell of a way to get out of her Weight Watchers duties. Or maybe she'll make even more cash!
(0:00) Video shows Kelsey Grammer's truck pulling away from the airport with his young child inside ... but no signs of a car seat. Kelsey's people are pissed ... saying the video doesn't tell the whole story.
(6:00) Evan goes off! He says he's pissed off at Kelsey's rep for sending us a BS statement about what really happened.
(10:00) We'll tell you why Olivier Martinez isn't sweating charges after demolishing Gabriel Aubry's face ... and why Halle Berry's security cameras failed to get the fight on tape.
(14:00) Angus T. Jones apologizes for calling "Two and a Half Men" filth -- but it looks like the damage is done.
(18:00) Kim Kardashian's divorce war with Kris Humphries took a surprising turn today -- her current boyfriend Kanye West was deposed in court. Harvey thinks there's no sign of this coming to an end any time soon.
(20:00) Kim Kardashian's trip to the Middle East proves one thing, the US Ambassador to Kuwait has nothing better to do with his time than kick it with her.
(23:10) Whitney Houston's daughter was involved in another car crash.
(24:30) Breaking news! Kelsey Grammer's rep released another statement about what went down at the airport.
(26:00) Is Jessica Simpson really pregnant again?
(30:00) This story is unbelievable -- "Rush" star Jason Patric gave his sperm to an ex ... and is now trying to get custody of his kid.
(34:40) Hector Macho Camacho's funeral involved food, fights, food fights, and scratched up ex girlfriend with a missing earring. You gotta hear this.
(36:45) Are Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman back together? We got video of the two together ... but something seems off.
(38:00) Yoko Ono's new fashion line ... is one the most ridiculous things you'll ever see. That's NOT an overstatement.
(38:40) The floor is yours!