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Kate Middleton Prank

Regrets After Nurse's Death

12/7/2012 12:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


A radio station's prank call to Kate Middleton's hospital leads to a nurse's suspected suicide -- now the DJ's behind the stunt are getting ripped around the world! Is it really their fault -- and should they be fired for what started out as an innocent joke?

Plus, we broke the story ... Notorious B.I.G.'s autopsy report revealed for the first time, and we found a key detail in the documents -- one the public never knew about before.

Also ... Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton make nice nice in Miami AND Las Vegas! What's the behind their truce? Mike knows ... of course.

(0:00) A Radio DJ bit involving Kate Middleton goes horribly wrong -- when the hospital worker they duped dies in an apparent suicide. Are they really to blame for the woman's death?
(10:00) The never-before-seen autopsy report for Notorious B.I.G has finally been released -- and we were the first people to get ahold of it. We'll tell you exactly how the legendary rapper died.
(14:00) Lindsay Lohan continues her tour with The Wanted ... so is she banging a band member or not?
(18:00) The so-called nude photo of Ariel Winter's sister surfaces ... and it explains why the publicist we talked to yesterday had trouble describing it. Because it's pretty weird.
(21:10) Snoop Dogg is worried about his buddy Katt Williams crazy behavior of late ... and tells us he wants the troubled comedian to get help before it's too late.
(24:00) Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton -- reunited!!! And as a bonus ... we play one of the greatest TMZ videos of all time -- when Paris and Kim totally diss Tara Reid.
(27:00) Rick Ross cancels a concert after being threatened by a massive gang -- we'll show you one of the scary videos that prompted the cancellation.
(31:00) Tyler Perry's ridiculous on-set seating ... a total ego stroke.
(34:15) "50 Shades of Grey" publishers give ALL of their employees an equal $5,000 bonus. Too bad Harvey wasn't here to hear this one.
(37:00) Breaking news -- Psy apologizes for an anti-America performance he did back in 2004.
(39:45) Kat Von D is finally getting rid of her ugly Jesse James tattoo.
(41:40) The floor is yours!

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wow, I'm just so pumped up that TMZ gave us full details of B.I.G.'s autopsy report, FIFTEEN FREAKIN YEARS AFTER THE FACT.

664 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

The DJ's didn't intend for this to happen. This was a joke because they thought the hospital would have had a some type of a security process. No way did they think they could have gotten info from the hospital. This is obviously a unintended tragedy. The DJ's shouldn't be help responsible.

664 days ago


Crystal Workman has just proven to the world that she's a Mother scuzzbag of the highest order. Trying to prove your daughter is unfit by sending semi-nude pics to a Publicists is as low as you can go. Thank GOD Shanelle was removed from that environment at a young age. She now has the mothering playbook of what NOT to do to your children.

664 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

If you hold the DJs responsible you'll teach people that suicide gets results.

664 days ago


Nooo! LiLo AND Ariel Winter in the same show? And more Katt Williams!

I guess I'll leave the show after the Kate Middleton news.

664 days ago


Kim copies paris when ever she can

664 days ago


Those DJs should be held accountable. What they did isn't funny. They breached security. Like what Mike said, if it was here they'd both be in jail. To those Australian DJs: Not so funny now huh?

664 days ago


Not the DJs fault. I think the nurse was just unstable. Better she off herself than a patient.

664 days ago


Sorry, this nurse had to have had a history of emotional instability prior to this. No way she would have committed suicide over this incident. Many people in this world have been pranked by radio DJs and not committed suicide.
Sounds like she didn't really have a sense of herself.. .Bet you she has been suicidal in the past.

In the end, she is responsible for her decisions and her decision to end her life is solely hers.

664 days ago


Slade, STFU! It's not funny to begin with! Not a good joke.

664 days ago


Slade, I would accuse you of straddling the fence but it's more like you are sitting on a stake.

664 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Mike's jeans should get stress pay.

664 days ago


Jessica from Jacksonville...get a job.

664 days ago


Her co-workers that ridiculed her into suicide should be charged with murder.
Is this justification for suicide a royal honor thing ?

664 days ago

space monkey    

As an aussie I think I need to fill you in on some history about this radio station.....
They have a history of there dj's doing this stupid stuff just for ratings. Have you ever heard of Kyle Sandlerland and Jackie O. Do a quick search in google and you will find out how low this station is willing to let the dj's go without any consequences to blow back to the dj's..
All they do is taken them off the air for a week then they are back like nothing happened..

664 days ago
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