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Wendy Williams

TRASHES Beyonce:

'[She] Can't Talk'

12/8/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Wendy Williams
managed to call herself a Beyonce fan in one sentence ... and then essentially call her an idiot just seconds later ... saying the diva "sounds like she has a fifth grade education."

On an episode of her show this week, Williams said she was looking forward to watching Beyonce's documentary, but said she needed to watch it with the closed captioning on because "You know Beyonce can’t talk."

The audience booed and Williams tried to backtrack ... but the damage was done.

Good luck getting Nets tickets.


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I'm so sick of you white pieces of ****. You CRACKERS are just mad because minorities are taking over and you BASTARDS can't do anything about it.

649 days ago


Well I bet she can count money like she's a Harvard graduate.

649 days ago


This is way too long. I see you are one of Beyonce unknown to her

649 days ago


really i thought this wendy williams was a man when i first saw her.. i really did and for her to go off on Beyonce was and is rude.. when she needs to look in the mirror her self and listen to her own voice.. she really does sound like a man.. i had to see if she had a sex change i had to look into it.. the fact that she has two kids .. still did not convince me ... she looks like a tranny her self

649 days ago


PLEASE -Beyonce has been around the world countless times -
Seems people understand her just fine.
As for Wendy whoever... She's just overly jealous because she can't get any 'A" list stars on her little show - they don't want to be on her show because most feel ironically it's pretty dumb...

649 days ago


Beyonce sounds like a dude when she talks. She sounds like she doesn't even have a 5th grade education. A 5th grader sounds smarter then her.

649 days ago


I have felt bad for her for years because her parents chose entertainment over education, but as an adult she caan take it upon herself to get educated

649 days ago


In this case, the truth hurts! Saying Beyonce sounds like she has a fifth grade education I would be is pushing it...I would say she sound more like a third grader. It just goes to show that money can't buy class. She sounds like a hood rat.

649 days ago


Im sorry a Beyonce fan, but Wendy is dead right with this one. She sounds like she has a mouth full of marbles or spit in her mouth when she talks. She is very talented i will give her that, but she should sing everything instead of talking.

649 days ago

Throwback kid    

Why are white people being attacked for this comment? This comment was made by a black person (Wendy Williams) about another black person (Beyonce) whether you believe Beyonce is dumb or not wouldn't you take your issue to Wendy Williams? I had no idea there were so many racist people commenting on TMZ. This was a black on black comment

649 days ago


Williams is right. As Cosby once said to Wanda Sykes, "Speak English"

649 days ago


Wendy speaks the truth. Beyonce's just dumb as hell.

649 days ago


Wendy has chosen her proffession to be a gossip queen and that makes her opinion valued? Miss me with that sh**!!!

649 days ago


The only time I ever hear anything about Wendy Williams is when she's talking smack about someone else. She seems too much like she's trying to climb up by pulling someone else down. Please go away lady...

649 days ago


Love her or hate her, it IS the truth. Listen, she is a pretty girl that is not so bright that was managed by a father that is very bright. She can thank Mr. Knowles for every dime she has. I will say this though, Wendy Williams is just as dumb as Beyonce. She's just louder! She can't read a teleprompter for ****, can not correctly pronounce the names of her guests and studders like a blabbering fool with every other sentence. Wendy dear, have a seat love.

649 days ago
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