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Psy at War Over

Anti-America Song

12/10/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


"Gangnam Style" Psy wants America to forgive him for belting out a song about killing Americans. Should we? President Obama sure didn't seem to mind when Psy performed for him this weekend.

Plus, canceling the radio show responsible for the Kate Middleton prank-turned-tragedy is a hugely hypocritical move! The radio station's been doing these stunts for years ... so why back up the bus over these DJs ... this time??

And, the screaming kid who posted a YouTube video declaring his fear of Harvey ... drops by the newsroom. Can Harv convince a 5-year-old he's not the Bogeyman?

(0:00) The DJs behind the Kate Middleton phone prank gone horribly wrong got the ax -- and we uncovered some of the station's past pranks that show a history of bad decision making.
(10:00) One of the cops who was locked up for the Rodney King beating resurfaces ... and Harvey realizes they may have crossed paths before.
(14:00) Psy apologizes for his shocking anti-American performance ... hours before performing for President Obama. Should Psy's performance have been canceled?
(18:00) A kid who's frightened of Harvey comes into the office to face his biggest fear ... will Harvey be able to woo him over?
(24:00) Lindsay Lohan's tax problems are making it hard for her to pay rent -- Ryan reveals yet another problem Lindsay may have down the road. It's messy.
(28:00) Turns out Holland has a super racist Christmas tradition -- in the form of Santa's helper "Black Pete." Because nothing says happy holidays like a bunch of people in black face.
(31:00) Rihanna posts pictures of her without panties on -- so it's time to celebrate her fight against America's fear of nudity.
(34:15) Is Mitt Romney bad luck? Manny Pacquiao goes down hard with Mitt in the front row ... would you invite him to your sporting event?
(37:00) Katt Williams attacks another person -- this time hitting a fan with his microphone before his standup show even started. Did we mention he also got arrested again? This dude really needs help.
(41:40) The floor is yours!

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It's Dave    

Hypocritical? TMZ reports on celebrity stalkers, rightly pointing out how insane and creepy they are, while at the same time stalking celebrities themselves. Now that's hypocritical. The only difference between the sickos and Harvey is that Harvey is making a fortune off of it. Something he was unable to do as a lawyer. These DJs pulled off a prank that they shouldn't have attempted to begin with. It went bad. Predictable consequences occurred.(the cancellation of the radio show) as a result of that prank. Get over it. Move on.

647 days ago

Lily Daisy    

I guess no one is held accountable for anything they decide to say or do, according to Obama philosophy. Psy said really bad things about Americans, things that decent young people woudnt go so far to say. Therefre, It was not appropriate for the American president to honor him.

As for The Auzzie DJs, I'm sure they didn't anticipate such a horrific ending to their little prank, but I think they should stay away from places like hospitals, emergency rooms, sick beds and death beds when they are planning little pranks mainly because these are places of a serious business of life and death....something needs to be off limits to these morons!

647 days ago


I agree with Harvey & Charles about psy - Why Did Obama allow him to perform?? He did apologize right? No interpretation needed then, he sang what he sang for sure !!

647 days ago


Let's complain about former President Bush and V.P. Cheney, and Condalina(sp?) Rice lying about Iraq and murdering 146,000 +/- innocent people including 6,000+/- American military. Now that's worthy of asking McCain about since he went along with the whole weapons investment plan and made alot of money off those wars. And let's ask them about Haliburton and Blackwater and whatever their new name is. Let's ask about what they are doing in South America right now stirring up **** murdering the innocent their just so the USA will spend lottsa money developing weapons so the Senators/Congressmen/WallStreet investors will earn while the innocent die and die and die. Let's ask about that. Whatta ya say 'bout dat?????

647 days ago


Gangnum Style is one of the dumbest things to happen in the history of Mankind but...Psy shouldn't have to apologize for that Anti US song at all. It's bull**** the fact that it's ok for people like Toby Keith to badmouth other countries but if someone takes offense to something our country does like say Torturing people we have the nerve to get up on our high horse about it. It's Bull****.

647 days ago


Love the little boys reaction that was totally hilarious

647 days ago


And for Psy I think he's saying that more because he feels like he has too. I wonder if his dislike on youtube will be going up now because of it.

647 days ago



646 days ago


Can anyone tell me where to find the little kid video?

646 days ago

Tom Jones    

Psy should check out some mid-20th-century history before ragging on the US - if we had not been there in the Korean war, the entire Korean peninsula would be all North Korea and his life would be s h 1 t t y...

646 days ago


Hey Psy, if you have a problem with Americans we'll be more then happy to get out of your country if you'd like. Take a look up North to see your future after they come rolling in. For a more uplifting vantage point look at a satellite shot at night, enjoy!

646 days ago


I love TMZ, each night at 6PM I watch or record your show, I love Harvey and the group, I am disappointed to say I will no longer be a TMZ fan. I was hoping you were above the biased media regarding Mitt Romney. You showed wherever Romney went people lost, you were correct, Mitt Romney did not lose ,America did.

646 days ago

AF gal    

As a Vietnam Vet, what difference is forgiving Psy for making Anti American comments in a song as opposed to the ultimate American traitor Jane Fonda?

646 days ago


I am glad that you are talking about Obama and him meeting with a known Anti-American rapper (Psy). But you did not mention that Obama is taking Great Literature out of schools starting in 2014 and replacing it with his political propaganda. That is how that Hitler won Germany (yes, I am comparing him to Hitler) by brain washing the youth. This is not a good idea no matter what party is in office. I don't agree with several of his policies and I don't want my kids being taught something that I know is wrong.

646 days ago

balla woogie    

what up

646 days ago
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