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Ariel Winter

Dad Now Controls

Her Estate ... With Conditions

12/12/2012 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Ariel Winter
's dad now has control over her estate -- namely her finances -- which was part of the settlement struck today outside the courtroom ... BUT the dad can't make a move without dealing with a group of professional advisers who work directly for Ariel.

Glenn Workman just got the green light from the judge to manage Ariel's money. Interesting ... considering Glenn filed a declaration in the case calling Ariel "my retirement surprise child." But here's the deal ... Glenn can't make business decisions without first discussing them with Ariel's lawyer, Blair Berk and others. If he disagrees with the advisers, a judge is the tiebreaker.

Under the terms of the settlement, Ariel's sister, Shanelle, will remain the guardian of Ariel, meaning Ariel's mom, Chrystal, has been cut out of everything.

The move is temporary, but could become permanent in March.

The settlement was struck before a court fight over the guardianship ... a fight that promised to be ugly.

After today's settlement, Ariel's brother Jimmy Workman told reporters his family would be seeking therapy and counseling to get back together. Jimmy said his father is "happy and thrilled" with the settlement and so is his mom.

We also asked if Ariel's relationship with her older boyfriend would continue from here -- and Jimmy replied, "I hope it doesn't. This young man is over the age of 18. He should know better. It's completely disgusting that he does this."


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The New Improved Sock Puppet    

This kid's money should be put into a trusteeship so the family can't skim any of it; all requests go through the trustee. Lots of people do that. That way the kid keeps her earnings and if a family member needs some of her earnings they apply for it. It's the kid's money.

689 days ago


TMZ you've got a whole lot of people thinking "my retirement" child means something else. Please fix?

689 days ago


Hey TMZ, in your brilliant reporting, how about letting us know how much Glen is getting paid to MANAGE her money because you know, no manager does it for free.
I'll be he's getting enough dough each month to split between himself and MOMZILLA!!!

689 days ago


The judge is a friggin idiot to turn this child's money over to this dude shameful

689 days ago

w h i t e y    

I've never heard of her

689 days ago


With all these shena****ns going on, if I was Ariel, I'd tell everybody involved in this to kiss my @$$ and kick rocks. The judge included. I wouldn't be anybodies' "surprise retirement fund". I'd take care of my parents but comments like that would have me looking sideways. Too bad she's only 14. She has barely 3 years of this BS to put up with until she's 18.

689 days ago


I would assume that next year she will be starring in the hit show 'Teen Moms' or is it 'Unwed Moms' I get the two mixed up.

689 days ago


Half of the second page of the stipulation is missing. Can we get the entire page 2 of the stipulation?

It appears $$$ was the reason that she lost custody of Ariel. You can totally see how she made herself completely and totally in charge of Ariel's affairs. I only hope someone will keep an eye on her father.

689 days ago


He should have been arrested, I thought she was a minor.

689 days ago


Sending some good thoughts to this poor kid. She'll need them with this screwed up family. Don't get why an estranged father would be in control of her money. It should be escrowed in an account controlled by the Court.

What kind of a mother would have made the allegations about her daughter that Workman made (even, if true, which I don't believe)? Absolutely disgusting.

689 days ago


I hope Ariel has some money left when she turns 18. Shes the one who has earned it.

689 days ago

That Pop Life..yeah..    

"My retirement sulfide child"??So he must hang out with Michael L.dam these pigs are pathetic...

689 days ago


That monster mom NOW says shes happy with the outcome?!?! Bc her husband has control of ariels money! Shes not even bothering to fake being upset about losing Ariel! ToTAL proof she only wants that child's money. (Although it was quite obvious before) why in the world did they chose him?!?! Someone plz tell me...

689 days ago


again this is a case of tha little girl who thinks she should get her an older person.her sister enables she wants to live with her.

689 days ago


Ariel's mother got in touch with him and they made a deal. He'll be creating fake ways to funnel money to her.
Ariel's mother is evil.

689 days ago
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