TMZ Live Barbara Walters Going Out to Pasture?

12/14/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Barbara Walters -- Going Out to Pasture?

TMZ Live

Barbara Walters latest interview with President Obama means one of two things -- she's either about to retire ... or was full of it when she told Obama last year that she only needed "one more interview" with him before she called it quits.

Plus, Brooke Mueller declares war on Charlie Sheen ... and their kids may be the losers.

And, legendary rapper Too Short earns his J-Card (Jew Card) -- by laying down a Hanukkah track for us just in time for holidays. Altogether now ... Judah MaccaBIATCH!!!
(0:00) Barbara Walters is going to retire soon -- if you believe a comment she made to President Barack Obama last year.
(6:10) Brooke Mueller ignites a custody war with Charlie Sheen -- after pulling her kids out of the hands of Denise Richards ... a decision Brooke made while in rehab for the 19th time.
(10:00) A famous restaurant in Beverly Hills called Crustacean is huge with African Americans -- we talk to a former employee to see if there's a reason why Black people seem to be seated upstairs most of the time.
(18:00) Sarah Jessica Parker's makeup artist is accused of shoplifting in Norway ... AGAIN!
(24:00) Amanda Bynes skates on two hit-and-run charges -- we'll tell you why the L.A. City Attorney is ticked off about it.
(28:00) Details from the suicide note left by the nurse who killed herself after the radio prank call shed a light on what may have caused her to take her own life.
(31:00) This is amazing -- Too Short kept his promise ... and recorded a Hanukkah rap song!
(34:15) Skier Bode Miller accidentally hits his wife in the eye with a golf ball ... and her sunglasses may have saved her eyesight.
(38:00) The floor is yours!