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Strip Club to Lindsay Lohan

We'll Save Your

Storage Locker, IF ...

12/14/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan might NOT have to bid farewell to her storage locker full of personal belongings ... 'cause a famous strip club is offering to pony up the cash to save it -- but there's a huge catch.

We broke the story ... Lohan (who's super broke) fell way behind on her storage bill, and now the contents are set to hit the auction block later this month unless she comes up with $16k, stat.

Now, the legendary Scores strip club in NYC is offering to come to Lohan's rescue -- firing off a letter to Lindsay's lawyer claiming it will foot the entire bill, if she's willing to do some work for their online site, 

But the "work" isn't what you think -- Scores says it wants the actress to serve as an online video chat host for it's website ... a job which DOES NOT require nudity.  It's unclear how many "chats" Lohan would be required to host.

To sweeten the deal, Scores has also offered to pay the rent on Lindsay's leased Bev Hills mansion for the next couple of months ... more cash she could desperately use.

We reached out to Lindsay for comment, but no word back yet -- we're guessing the Scores gig isn't entirely out of the question, considering the storage locker could be filled with ultra-personal items Lohan doesn't want to go public. Plus, she did pose for Playboy when they came calling with the right sized check.

Stay tuned ...


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if you go to MILOs twitter page there is only a picture of Lielo and he has no other kids.
what a sicko Fck..
I thought he has a girlfriend and baby on the way..
crazy ass waste of space family

679 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Hey enablers...

Please cite one example of Lohan NOT being lazy. You like to "hate check" those who claim that Lohan doesn't want to work, and is lazy, yet you don't provide any proof to the contrary.

Instead of your usual cowardly black checking and character assassinations, why don't you provide concrete proof to back up your claims?

I'll wait...

679 days ago


@ernie, the hypocrit bully:


Lindsay... Nothing has changed in your life. All you do is deny and blame all your problems on someone else. Your father cares for you and if you were not such a screw up maybe he would back off. However, you are bringing all of this on yourself. Why? Just look at your actions. You should have taken up the prison minister's offer back in 2006... You are such a fool. When are you going to learn?
54 days ago


That is so un-Christian like of you!

679 days ago


TMZ you need to go to rumor fix this was denied by her team. her storeage bin is not up for bid. TMZ gets wrong info again from ML and GD

679 days ago


For God's sake, just do porn already!

679 days ago


Lindsay, my dear.... Just start doing porn and all of your money troubles are over. What's the worst that could happen?... People going to talk trash about you?

679 days ago

Good riddance!    

Crusty's crabs will soon be screaming "Incoming!". That's how she'll make up the difference. Either that or fencing some more stolen goods. Probably both.

679 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Your hypocrisy is to heavy for that high horse of yours, ernie.

679 days ago


when life gives you melons you might be dyslexic

679 days ago


hey ernie, your HELP is showing

679 days ago


She's one lucky bitch

679 days ago


She already has the perfect porn name lohan. Put it to use. **** I want me a lohan right now.

679 days ago


We all know how bright she is, so it will be quite amusing to watch her misspell word after word, never mind what her grammar and sentence structure will look like.
This is her death spiral folks, so sit back and enjoy the show, 'cause she's flaming out right before our very eyes.
Halfhearted suicide attempt in 3, 2, 1...

679 days ago


Are you kidding?!!! Are you kidding?!!!
You mean DUIna's Psychotic Hotline doesn't rake in enough loot to keep the cocaine trough filled?


679 days ago



Celebration party extraordinaire at Bar Marmont!!!!!

679 days ago
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