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Connecticut School Shooting

Cops Moving Closer

to Establishing Motive

12/15/2012 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1215_sandy_hook_school_gettyPolice investigating the horrific mass murder in Connecticut on Friday have uncovered "very good evidence" as they work towards finding a motive for why Adam Lanza opened fire in a public school yesterday, killing 20 children and six adults.

State police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said investigators were collecting evidence both at Sandy Hook Elementary School and at the home of Lanza's mother, but would not elaborate on what that evidence was.

He explained, "The detectives will certainly analyze everything and put a complete picture together of the evidence that they did obtain, and we're hopeful that it will paint a complete picture as to how and why this entire unfortunate incidence occurred."

Vance also revealed that Lanza was not simply let into the school, nor did he sneak in undetected -- but rather he "forced his way into the school." He went on to say the investigation would not be completed for a few days.

All of the victims have been identified and authorities will release the list of names later today.

Dan Holmes, Lanza's mother's former landscaper, told reporters that she was a gun enthusiast who took her sons to the shooting range.

He explained, "She took her two sons to the gun ranges quite a bit to practice their aim. She was a really great shot from what she told me. Whenever I finished work and went inside to chit chat, she spoke often about her fascination with firearms. Nancy had an extensive gun collection and she was really quite proud of it."


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Mom sounds like a winner. She pulled him out of school and home-schooled him to control his environment and friends have described her as 'rigid.' The adult victims were all female and this kid shot his mom in the FACE. Think he might have harbored some anger towards her?

If these reports are true (a big 'if') Mom was an idiot for not protecting her arsenal better from a kid with known issues. It doesn't absolve him of responsibility, but damn what a moron to be proud of your gun obsession around a disturbed kid.

685 days ago


Being a gun owner comes with responsibilities. Whether you have a child with a personality disorder? Or happy well adjusted kids-you have no idea what issues their friends could have, locking up your weapons is crutial. All my guns have police locks through the triggers disabling them. The keys for those locks well hidden. Plus the weapons are locked in a gun safe. Plus the ammo is in locked up in another location. If this gun lover had of taken these simple steps, she would probably be alive along with those brave women and those babies.

685 days ago


It doesn't take a dumbass to know the motive is sheer evil.

685 days ago


The mom was crazy that's where the got it from

685 days ago


What kids need is love attention and fear something have some kind of god in there Life and just maybe we wont see satin out...

685 days ago


Idk why this things just happen in usa shooting innocent ppl ,in other country always is for some reasons like drugs or onother bull but in usa is mental problem

685 days ago

tweety gurl    

I fell sorry for all the kids who lost there lives so young my heart goes out to all the families just cause some dumb ass didnt care about his own life that didn't give him the right to kill those kids I can just image there little faces when this was happening

685 days ago

BB not bb    

You want a motive, how about all of the mental and emotional cruelty that is constantly dished out in this society? It is getting worse and worse with people's passive agressive and overbearing attitudes towards others. I really think that alot of people have developing psychopathic personalities in that they are purposely pushing other's buttons and trying to get a rise out of them so they can have their fun. They call the people they upset all the bad names like crazy, evil, heartless, etc. so that they can defelct blame from their own cold and evil hearts.

I'll tell you what, I think it is intolerable the way that people treat others any more and the complete lack of manners and respect shown to others in even professional dealings. When you have a bunch of ignorant stupid teachers being rude and dismissive to a very intelligent and socially awkward and possibly medicated person, you are going to have a situation where the vicitm can no longer tolerate the system of oppression he is under and lashes out back.

Yes it would be nice if he had more control of himself, but all of the so-called good people who stand around judging and mourning and complaining don't seem to want to look at what part they may have had in the whole scenario. People like to blame school bullying on the students but really, it is the envirnoment of school that leads to that behavior and is allowed to grow and fester by teachers who maybe enjoy a little drama while they mindlessly dish out their propaganda and stupidity for the day.

685 days ago


I am an avid gun owner and novice target shooter. I own several handguns and assult rifles. My daughter is in pre school rising to kindergarten and this whole story makes me sick in my stomach, however I will say this....if a teacher is NRA carry certified I would have no problem if they carried a firearm to school with them. Maybe if this were the case then the shooter might have been tapped center of mass before he had a chance to brutally murder several kindergarten babies. Not student, but babies....because that is what they were

685 days ago


So the mother has a son with mental issues since early childhood and proceeds to teach him how to fire rifles and pistols??? What a moron! And then this mentally impaired child grows into a rage filled teen and then man and she still doesn't hide her arsenal? Even after he threatened your life whenever he got upset! How do we ensure this never happens again? We need to really monitor these mentally impaired individuals. They can not be left in the community without regular medication and clinical supervision.

684 days ago


Those poor little babies. Taken away in such a horrific way. They are gods little angels now.

684 days ago


RIP lil angels and the staffs

684 days ago


What do numbers mean? Nothing These are lives we are talking about. May the adults and the little angels rest in peace. Prayers for the families, the town, the responders, etc. I wish I could do more. Heartbreaking.

682 days ago
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