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Sandy Hook Massacre

You Be the Judge

12/15/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1214_school_shootings_article_pollThe horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has put some fundamental issues in rack focus. So we gotta ask ...


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I think that a mental test should be given to people who apply to have guns, but i think that the cost of that test should be paid for by the person who is purchasing the weapon. Have test for different levels on what you are planning on doing with the weapon.

675 days ago


FIRST! I'm so lucky in my lifetime that when i hear these continuing stories that never end, I'm so glad I started "K" in the fall of 1963 and ended my college days in May of 1979. but again,my heart goes out to the parents that lost their children today & the 6 Administrators also. Not a great Xmas season at all!

675 days ago


This is too sad, it breaks my heart to think about what the families and children are going through right now, my heart goes out to all of the people involved in this tragedy.
About guns, people have to stop blaming them for the actions of crazy people. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. I just read on the news that a Chinese man broke into a elementary school in China and killed young kids with a wood chopper! In the other words, if Adam Lanza didn't have a gun, he would have found another way to commit this horrific crime.

675 days ago


public schools are safe you morons.
rare thing happened today.

675 days ago


a psycho with a gun renders EVERY place to a dangerous mess...

675 days ago

BB not bb    

Well I don't know what conclusions you can draw from this but people like to turn into prophets when they see something major happen. I think it could be from psych meds or even some antibiotics, which are known to cause violence and irrational behavior as side effects. There is always a link somewhere to these mass shootings and some kind of medication.

I think it might have been a set up also. It is intersting how it happened right after the 12/12/12 benefit concert to give aid to people who want to live in flood plains or on coastlines without the protection of the sand dunes blocking their view in NJ. This is called stuck on stupid. What is interesting is that Sandy Hook, NJ is the uppermost part of the Atlantic coastline beaches in NJ, and Newton is the county seat of the redneck hillbilly county of Sussex, being the major downtown area there. Well to me, this is saying that the whole idea is just going to lead to more death.

Newton is kind of creepy with a big obelisk in the town center. This could be part of some satanic ritual to play up the evil in NJ some more.

Guns don't kill people, mind controlled, drugged up zombies kill people. Guns if carried could be used as self defense in this type of situation. If the teachers had guns, they could have taken care of this. It is not my favorite idea to have some bad tempered teachers having guns around a bunch of annoying students, but having no guns means only some will have guns, and who knows what they will do to everyone else with that power?

675 days ago


What a ridiculous poll. You cannot be serious. Shakes head in utter despair. Look at the pic above, and you seriously have to ask such questions. have you people become so desensitised to horror?

675 days ago


The results of this poll scare me about the future of our country. The youth will happily give up their right to bear arms....sad

675 days ago


two other points, one, mental illness and how we take care of people who are mentally ill. Two, how we use terms like "acting crazy" and "that's crazy!" to impress.

675 days ago

BB not bb    

I read that the shooter was a recent graduate of the school who shot his mother at home and then went to the school where she was a teacher and shot students and teachers there. Adam Lanza was smart and graduated in three years but was considered painfully shy and was said to have autism. He was so rambunctuous when he was younger that he brother Adam couldn't control his temper tantrums when left to sit for him.

This points to a kid who was probably drugged up to his perceived behavioral problems, and once his outward manifestations of anger were blunted, he turned everything inward until it came out some other way.

You can't drug away discontent with life, and the psych drugs they give people rewire the brain so that normal rational human thought is twisted and can't take place. When these are given to a growing child, the result is a brain that never got to even form properly.

The problem is not guns but how certain members of the society are treated and made to be outcast and tortured to the point that there is nothing for them to do but turn on those who made their life hell. Why was Adam so uncomfortable around people, that is what I want to know. Being an outcast seemed to be a trigger, along with psch meds, in the Columbine shootings.

Usually I see kids with Asperger's having an overly controlling or restrictive and emotionally distant parent. Maybe he was jealous of the attention she was able to give the children at school that he was perhaps not able to get from her at home.

675 days ago


I think that it's ridiculous that people are legally allowed to buy assault weapons like the one the perpetrators used in this shooting and the Aurora theater shooting Those look like something out of a shoot 'em up video game and on the internet too. I get self defense, but you could probably defend yourself with a smaller slightly less lethal gun since you would want to disable your perpetrator, but not necessarily mortally wound, enough so that you can get away and get help. Of course, even with gun laws, there's a pretty significant amount of guns available illegally on the black market. That should be addressed too. Criminals just do not care if they are breaking the law to obtain guns.

675 days ago

BB not bb    

Crystal, it is not guns that cause this. Allegedly little Arab men with only boxcutters took down jets and killed thousands. They had no guns. If you want to hurt people you can obtain illegal guns, plant bombs, release chemicals, or do any number of other things. Gusn are what gives the average person equal standing with someone who would want to do them serious bodily harm.

People kill people with knives, fists, rocks and any number of other things. It is the intent, not the tool, that is the problem. Why people want to do these things is what should be adressed, not how. Also how people are to respond should be adressed. Sitting like ducks in a shooting gallery is not working so good. If the teachers had guns, this might not have gotten to such an extent.

Armed security at a school is too expensive. That would be like going to school in a prison besides. This is a nation of godless faithless self serving cowards and that is why they can never understand why certain people go nuts and fire back.

675 days ago

Peter Sc    

Increased gun control does not help. I live in Denmark. A gun in my home will put me in jail for a year. If a criminal are caught with a gun, he will get the same sentence. If I take a knife with me to work and are stopped, I would get a fine or even jail if I had the knife in my car if I took my wife out for dinner in town.

People are still getting shot here in Denmark. A larger number of criminals from the eastern part of Europe have crossed our unguarded borders where they conduct homeinvasions and rob people on the streets.

We are victims who are disarmed just waiting to be slaughtered while we pay more than 50 percent of our income in taxes.

That is the result of stricter gun control. Not being able to defend ourselves and no mean to protest lowered pension age and higher taxes.

I will pray for these families who have lost some of their familymembers. I hope that the schools will get armed teachers. It will decrease the risk of something like this happening in the future.

675 days ago


People who say this situation could have been avoided if the teachers had guns just are not thinking.
First of all the reaction time to realize what is going on, get the gun out of the holster and take critical aim would be far to slow to be of any use. Most teachers are not ex military and simply will not be as proficient with a gun as they would need to be to be of any effective help.
Secondly what if a teacher just doesn't want to carry a gun. Should this really be a requirement for a teaching job?
Thirdly, what if a teacher is the one to go off and starts shooting the children? Remember these nut bar shooters come from all walks of life. Should we then arm the kids? What happens then when little 6 year old Becky shoots 7 year old Tommy for pulling her hair? Then who do we arm next?
Solving this mass shooting problem by introducing more guns is like trying to cure cancer by injecting even more of the same cancer cells into a patient. It's lunacy

675 days ago


assault weapons were not even used in this tragedy so why are they part of the poll? 2 pistols were used and a rifle found in his car or so i read.

675 days ago
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