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Adam Lanza's Parents

Divorce Shows No Evidence

Of Mental Health Problems

12/17/2012 9:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The divorce papers of Adam Lanza's parents reveal nothing that would indicate their son had mental issues.

TMZ has obtained the divorce docs between Peter and Nancy Lanza. The docs were filed in 2008 and the divorce became final the next year. 

One thing's for sure ... the family was financially well off. Peter agreed to pay Nancy $240,000 a year in spousal support for 2010. The yearly spousal support was to increase each year. In 2012 Nancy was to receive $289,800.

There is no mention or indication of any mental health issues involving Adam. There is a boilerplate reference, "The wife shall pay for unreimbursed medical, surgical, hospital, optical and psychiatric, psychological, and nursing expenses..." It continues, "Each parent shall be entitled to complete information from any physician, dentist, psychologist, consultant, or any specialist attending the children."

It's important to note ... the provisions (above) are standard and do not reflect specifically on this divorce.

And, in the docs, Peter agreed to buy Adam a car. Adam reportedly drove his mom's car to Sandy Hook Elementary school before going on his rampage.



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Jay W.     

What exactly does Peter Lanza do for a living?

652 days ago


Is it me, or does this kid look like his happy meal is missing a toy?

652 days ago


All white teens with long hair and wild eyes that watch dark movies and music should be watched like a hawk

652 days ago

Nosy and Concerned    

He was OBVIOUSLY mentally ill to do what he did...lots of insane people are walking around undiagnosed...

652 days ago


There is REASON at all this, god rest her soul, she should've have guns in a household with a child who was mentally unstable. He simply rolled out of bed & committed mass murder! AMERICA has their priorities out of order!!

652 days ago


Who cares? He's dead...The victim's families are more important, at this point. How are they doing? And this also isn't celebrity news. I rather get the news on this story, from a REAL new site/station...

652 days ago

Mike Hunt    

It's a shame she couldn't afford a locking gun case.

652 days ago


Meh whatever the outcome, you're not taking MY guns. That is one thing for sure. I'm responsible, registered and don't bother anyone. Screw all you Libs, this is a battle you will surely lose.

652 days ago


Why would anyone with an unstable kid leave open access to guns and ammunition? Sorry, but the blame is on the mother here.
First thing you learn with guns is to keep them safely locked away from everyone except yourself, especially a nutcase kid.

652 days ago


Who the **** cares about this selfish, evil creature? He killed those poor innocent children and teachers he has taken their lifes and he has not taken those poor childrens lifes but their families too. I dont care if he was mentally ill or not I hope he rots in hell.

652 days ago

Ozzie X    

The mother seems absent minded. Most mother's that are attuned to their child can sense when the well act out violently.

652 days ago


i was watching the view this morning, and there were people talking about the shooting. one guy mentioned the mom was shot violently 5x's in the face, we will never know if she was trying to stop him, lets not blame her.

652 days ago


I'm getting incredibly sick of TMZ glamorizing mass murderers. Seriously every single time there is a mass shooting, TMZ treats the guy like a celebrity and doesn't talk about the victims at all. I've seen maybe 3 mentions of the victims on this site and about 10 about the murderer. You are giving this man what he wanted. Mass murderers love the attention even if they're not alive to see it. They do it for the attention that the media gives them. For the celebrity. I want to hear about the poor little angels who were shot and what's being done to protect them in the future. I want to hear about what's being done to give better access to mental health so people never have to reach this breaking point. TMZ I'm utterly disgusted by your coverage of this tragedy.

652 days ago

Truth is    

Spoil brat am sure....and of course she will not want to admit he is mental, if he was. Ppl hide faults of their own family...sad but true

652 days ago


All that money and this woman couldent get a locked safe to keep her guns... There is a special place in hell for both of these idiots. Now we just got to figure out a way to get his Tax advisor for GE dad a one way ticket there too we would be all set...

652 days ago
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