TMZ Live Trey Songz If Makin' It Rain Is a Crime ...

12/17/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Trey Songz -- If Makin' It Rain Is a Crime ...

TMZ Live

Singer Trey Songz got busted in NYC ... for making it rain in a strip club?!! It really happened -- he was booked for assaulting a woman with a stack of cash -- but we can't figure out why. Isn't that what gentlemen do in a gentleman's club???

Plus, Justin Bieber unloaded his prized hamster on a fan in Atlanta -- and everyone's wondering (well, we are) ... what happened to the furry little guy, and WHY JB dumped him so spontaneously? PAC's new owner joined us to explain.

And breaking news on a breaking penis. Sooo wish we were kidding, but we're not. You gotta hear how MMA fighter Ray Elbe suffered this horrific injury -- and see how every guy in our office reacted to the news. Damn.

0:00 - Trey Songz gets slapped with a real "rainmaker" of a lawsuit.
6:05 - Just when you thought there wasn't anyone left to vouch for Lindsay Lohan, her spiritual advisor may come to the rescue. (Yes, she has one of those.)
10:09 - Justin Bieber sends one lucky fan home with an unusual souvenir NOT at available at the merch tent.
14:36 - A judge awards one Australian woman worker's comp after dangerously pushing the limits of "safe sex."
18:07 - Given last week's tragedy in Connecticut and the previous hurricane off the East Coast, there've been better times to be named Sandy.
24:14 - Every male in our office struggles to keep a straight face after MMA fighter Ray Elbe fractures his... yeah.
26:10Jennifer Aniston pregnant?! Not sure. Jessica Simpson pregnant?! Maybe. Let's see where this goes.
30:00 - Love her music or loathe her antics, Madonna's tour made more money than ANYONE else's in 2012. (Even Harvey's.)
33:38 - Brooke Mueller is out of her whopping nineteenth stint in rehab, but what will this mean for her and Charlie Sheen's twins?
37:32 - Most humans can't tell the difference between bottled water and the tap, but apparently La Toya Jackson's DOGS can.
39:03 - We take your calls!