TMZ Live LeAnn Rimes 'X Factor' Lies

12/20/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- LeAnn Rimes ... 'X Factor' Lies

TMZ Live

LeAnn Rimes flip-flopped big time on her bizarre performance last night on "X Factor" -- backing off her rep's statement to TMZ that she seemed off because she was "helping" her 13-year-old duet partner -- so SOMEONE'S lying ... and we might know who ...

Plus, Mike shows how Jessica Simpson's dramatic weight loss could be an optical illusion -- using his own body ...

And the return of ... TIM'S REJECTS!!!

0:00 - We do our best to understand LeAnn Rimes' bizarre performance on last night's 'X Factor.'
7:16 - An arrest has been made in the swatting pranks played on Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber ... and you won't believe the culprit!
10:21 - Ben Affleck drops out of his upcoming movie with Kristen Stewart. (Something tells us Jennifer Garner approves.)
14:19 - One hamster awareness group (yes, they exist) is RABID over Justin Bieber's recent gift to a fan.
18:17 - Newly crowned Miss Universe Olivia Culpo joins us to talk about her victory, Miss Venezuela, and more!
24:25 - Kim Kardashian takes issue with Instagram's controversial new ownership policy.
30:05 - Jessica Simpson has a new Weight Watchers ad out. Think it's worth that $4 million?
33:03 - We talk to the pizza delivery guy who braved a crowd of screaming girls to get One Direction their dinner.
36:17 - It's that time of the week again! Tim drops in with his latest ragtag bunch of rejects!
39:05 - We take your comments and calls!