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Kate Middleton Nurse Suicide

Charges Possible

Against Aussie DJs

12/22/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Police in London say prosecutors are trying to decide whether or not to press charges against the Australian radio DJs that were behind a royal hoax that led to a nurse committing suicide.

Jacintha Saldanha killed herself three days after a prank phone call done by Australian DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian was broadcast. The two radio hosts impersonated Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles in order to get information about the medical condition of Kate Middleton. Saldanha was the nurse who put the call through, and it was a second nurse who gave them information. 

Saldanha was found dead on December 7.

Prosecutors are reviewing the case to see if charges will be brought.

Greig and Christian are no longer on the air and their show has been canceled.


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There is still no evidence that the prank is the true reason she killed herself. She could have had issues having nothing to do with this event. and everyone seems to forget that all she did was put a phone call through. the djs that did that were wrong but they are not criminals unless the queen decided to sue for inpersinating her...which was terrible btw. TMZ needs to quit posting on this story because it is over and old news.

672 days ago


They won't be charged for her death, because it was an unforeseeable consequence, and ultimately her own choice.
But they may (and I think should) face international wire fraud charges for using their scam to procure honest services. (The fact that their scheme resulted in a death may be a factor at sentencing.)
And even if that doesn't happen, they'll most likely face charges for recording a telephone conversation without prior permission of all participants, and other charges for releasing those recordings to the public. (The UK is kinda feisty about that sort of thing.)

672 days ago

J Live    

I havent seen ine picture of this nurse smiling....not one. She had issues.

672 days ago


What would they be charged with? Bad impersonation of the Queen???

672 days ago

mel conway    

if they decide to charge these djs for pulling the prank, then what about all the other djs that hav pulled pranks in the past. can you imagine the backlash from it all??

672 days ago


I cant understand why the djs would be held responsible. This didnt air live. The legal staff and bosses listened to the "bit" and gave approval to air it. Then had all kinds of commercials made about it. It was approved and deemed legal. If any charges I would think the those that approved this would be held responsible not the djs.

672 days ago


It's ridiculous that this would even be considered. That woman screwed up by stupidly believing those DJs, who weren't even trying that hard. Welll, boohoo, no really private info was released and until she killed herself, no real harm at been done. It's all on her, and whatever else was going on in her clearly screwed-up head.

672 days ago


There is more to this story. For instance how did hospital handle the situation? Was she threatened job loss? Too many questions unanswered. Did she have emotional issues? I say nobody should be charged!!

672 days ago



672 days ago


i think the hospital should be the one being prosecuted for neglecting a patient there should of been something put in place for when people phone up about patients especially when a unknown number is calling the hospital really the hospital needs to learn from this for next time this could of been anyone calling how would they of felt if it was a hitman calling

672 days ago


It doesn't mean they are going to charge them with her death. They could be referring to charges that have to do with invasion of privacy or fraud or something like that but TMZ won't tell you that because it sounds better to imply they might go to prison for murder or something like that.

672 days ago


They should have some sort of charges brought against them for invading a patient's privacy and prank calling a hospital who have better things to do like care for sick and dying people instead of being entertainment for these two bone head DJ's. Who prank callsca hospital?!

672 days ago


This is BS. The nurse decided she insulted the monarchy. When will the those in England accept that the Monarchy is nothing...they are figureheads...they DRAIN the treasury and do NOTHING to deserve it. Of course wee have Obama who has pretty much done the same thing...Maybe we are even.

672 days ago


At least it is nice to know the US is not theonly retarded absurd one.

672 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Amazing how many of you are narrow mindedly assuming the charges would be in relation to the nurses suicide. Even if she had not taken her own life there are other legitimate criminal charges to be considered regarding this dumb ass prank.

Pretexting or "blagging", the act of impersonating someone else to obtain private information that one is not entitled to is a crime in the UK and Australia. Then their is the question of the call being recorded as well as rebroadcast without the consent of the victims.

672 days ago
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