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Rihanna & Chris Brown


at the Lakers Game

12/26/2012 5:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1226_chris_brown_rihanna_lakers_games_together_launchFor the first time in YEARS, Chris Brown and Rihanna arrived at a public event TOGETHER -- sitting side-by-side at the Lakers vs. Knicks game at Staples Center.

The two arrived to the arena in the same car earlier today, but got out of the vehicle separately. They eventually met up inside and sat down together in their courtside seats.

Chris and Rihanna haven't officially announced they're back on -- but it sure as hell seems like it ... especially with Chris dumping his old GF Karrueche Tran over his undying "love" for RiRi.

Of course, Rihanna dumped Chris back in 2009 after he beat the crap out of her. Brown eventually pled guilty to assault and is still on probation stemming from that incident.

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Satan and Santa's helper.

667 days ago


In looking through all the pictures of this date.....She is the one who is showing the affection ...he don't even look like he into her all like that. Its very said to said he will bring her down to mental ruins, no one will have respect or sympathy for her....And Mr Brown will move on to his next victim. Chris don't care about her. When you think about it, he is bigger today than before he beat her. Unfortunately beating her believe it or not, made him bigger in the music industry, and he's attitude is more disrespectful than ever. He like all the publicity. And its sad to say this dummy is thinking with her heart, thinking she really love him, and give him a little time you will see him doing something else disrespectful to her in the near future.

667 days ago


Some women have the type of issues that make them want to get their ass kicked. They're both disturbed.

667 days ago

david melchor    

Do you see that ? It says EVERLAST across her face...Make all your Funeral arrangements and make a will because it is inevitably going to happen.

667 days ago


The really sad thing is the ignorance of the comments. Abuse in no form is exceptable, but its their lives. No one here has perfect lives..get over it..

667 days ago


Ouch Chris, you're hurting me!

667 days ago


I think she she is stupid. He is just going to hit again and this time it will be much worse; she may even die from the beating. But she is in love and will say it was a one time only thing. What about the arm bruises she had weeks before she got punched? Or the hateful comments: you cant do anything right. and so forth... she needs help from her family to intervene and do a intervention; to get her away from him before it is too late. or else we will be reading about how she was too young to die before her time, with a whole career ahead of her...... Hope she smartens up before it is too late. sign me as a prayer to Rihanna as someone who has also been hit before

667 days ago


Just an observation: she is glues to him. Hangin on his arm, head on shoulder etc. He does not touch her once in those pics. Sad.

667 days ago


I hope they stay together. They make a beautiful couple. Chris Brown is not the first guy to make a "Major" mistake and he won't be the last. I feel people need to leave them alone and stop trying to run their lives.

667 days ago


whomever wrote the story and made the following statement: "
The two arrived to the arena in the same car earlier today, but got out of the vehicle separately. They eventually met up inside and sat down together in their courtside seats"

DUH how the hell does one get out of the car any other way? Of course they got out of the car seperately. Have you ever seen 2 people exit a car attached to each other? SMH

667 days ago


word is, Jay-Z and others had a long talk with Chris Brown. They claim if he ever hit her again. He ill be thrown out of the industry and in a ditch. We'll see ..The fact he never went to therapy concerns me. I'm done with her CDV is the leading killer among WOMEN. HELLO

667 days ago


I heard they were serving "punch" court-side.

667 days ago


Enough gold? The gold tooth just looks stupid! Just sayin

667 days ago


Rihanna gets no respect from me whatsoever. To those people saying, "She's grown. She isn't a role model.", you are simply stupid. Whether these artists like it or not, they are role models. It's so easy for them to chuck it up and say "Watch your own children." when they know good and well that the media and society as a whole had a hand in raising children as well. Rihanna literally has young fans saying "Leave her alone. They love each other. It was just a bump in their relationship." Beating her face in was a "bump in the relationship"? These young girls think this is love. You can look at those pictures and see that it is anything but. I believe CB is using her as she is the only way that people will begin to accept him again. She is the only reason he is getting an inkling of publicity. Their relationship simply screams publicity as the media scrambles to get pictures of them together and put in every magazine "Rihanna back w her abuser." They don't care if its bad; they only care that they are being talked about. While a portion of me believes that Rihanna is disgustingly infatuated with this man, another part of me believes the only reson she acts "extra" (i.e the photos above - holding onto him) is because she's trying to get Karrueche's attention and make her upset as an "F U. I have your man." type of thing. I also think she does it to try and be seen as a "rebel" since she knows the majority of the world doesn't approve of their relationship. She seriously tries to hard with this "Im a badass" thing; to the point where I don't even believe her. Patheticness is oozing from her pores.

667 days ago


You people out there complaining are pathetic. It's their life, their business. and it's called giving people second chances. yeah, what he did was wrong, but if they fixed their problems, i don't see why they can't be together. everyone makes mistakes. it's called being human. no one is perfect. just let them be happy and worry about your own life.

667 days ago
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