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Adam Lanza

Mutant DNA Might Explain

Sandy Hook Massacre

12/27/2012 2:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

What drove Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza to murder 26 people in cold blood? The answer could lie in his DNA ... and now, geneticists are trying to uncover the microscopic mystery.

The study will take place at the University of Connecticut, where a team of geneticists is reportedly set to examine Lanza's DNA. The team is expected to investigate whether a special mutation is responsible for setting off the troubled 20-year-old on December 14.

UConn's department of genetics is working hand-in-hand with CT's Chief Medical Examiner during the study -- though a rep for the medical examiner's office admits ... they're not really sure what they're looking for.

Results are expected to take several weeks.


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I thought it was the gun's fault.

632 days ago


He killed 27 people. Why does everyone forget that his mother was his first victim. Her life matters, just as much as the children and teachers at the school.

632 days ago


We're being misdirected, quite simply for the purpose of NOT askeding the right questions ;1 What happened to the other two 'perps'of detained (one of which was in camp) fleeing the ev(sorry, phone f***ed up) the scene? Why was there a phoned in report by the Principal to the local newspaper while the event was happening when it was reported she was killed almost immediately after she identified there was a shooter in the school? What explanation is there for the fact that CNN had a bottom line banner @2:00a.m. (4the hours before the shooting started, depending on which part of the country you're in)? What the HELL did the Medical Examiner/Coroner mean when he said 'Ithat have photographers, too'??

632 days ago


Again, apologies for f***ed up phone :)

632 days ago


OCD? Anyone?? - look at his eyes.

632 days ago


these scientists are an embarrassment to science, do not let them analyze anything.

632 days ago


That's good. He had that same wide eyed look the Aurora, Colorado movie murderer has. Jeffery Dahmer's body was examined to try to find out what made him so evil also. I say keep slicing and dicing until we find something. There must be a reason for the evilness.

632 days ago


I think its a culmination of a lot of things that set this person off. Divorce-mental illness-violent video games- probably bullied-fear of abandonment-spoiled rotten- plus being taught how to use guns was not the right thing to teach a unstable person. Pray for everone! Always

632 days ago


mutant dna whatever never an excuse to kill children, he should have been put away years ago if his condition was that serious

632 days ago


I'm so tired of society making excuses for people. Call it for what it is. It is evil, plain and simple. Pure evil.

632 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

Bs. No more studies. He was just effed up

632 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

They're looking for a solid excuse to keep actual mass murderers that are white alive and from actually getting the DEATH PENALTY and executed. Notice that most have pleaded insanity.

632 days ago


Him and James Holmes have creepy eyes. @_@

632 days ago


I doubt it's anything more than his mother drank when she was pregnant.

632 days ago

BB not bb    

I wonder if this is what happened. Adam and two men met up from a communist anarchist meeting. Maybe they said they were going to take him to a shooting range to practice shooting. One man went to his house when his mother was there alone and shot her in the face and took her guns. Then he brought the guns to where Adam and the other man were and they drove to the school. Maybe they told him they were just going to walk through it so Adam was let in, though another story says that he went in through a window. Maybe man number 2 was outside and propped open the door so the combat dressed man could follow in with the machine gun.

The man with the big gun probably shot Adam and the rest of the people. The medical examiner initially said that they were shot up with the machine gun. Then when everyone was either hiding or dead, he ran back out, handing the gun to the guy who proppped the door, and ran up into the woods. The guy by the school put the gun in a trunk of a car. Then they were both caught by police but just let go without further questioning.

I think some people probably did die, but then there is the crazy situation of a closet full of children with a teacher lying on top of them. That part could have been made up and the children kidnapped. The teacher who was shot had a RIP facebook page put up days before the incident, and the picture of her shows an old man behind her making devil horns to the camera.
Alex Jones is reporting that there are missing kids in addition to the dead kids, maybe 20 more missing kids.

As far as the fake parents fake crying and the president fake crying, I think that is just to condition people on how to react to this. I thought it was disgusting to film them crying so I didn't even watch it, now it turns out the parents were fake.

The news was reporting more on the need for gun control than on what really happened here, so I think that is what this dog and pony show is about.

632 days ago
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