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"Django Unchained"

N-Word Controversy

You Be the Judge

12/29/2012 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1228-django-unchainedSpike Lee is boycotting Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" because the N-word is used 110 times. Interesting, since Spike has used the N-word in some of his flicks. So we gotta ask ...


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Spike Lee is turning into a kook.

661 days ago


1. Spike Lee uses the N word all the time in his movies... and not for historically accurate reasons, not to show racism, just because it's a word he happens to use all the time. 2. If you don't like it and think it's racist. STOP USING IT! Stop the N word in rap music, stop the N word in primarily black movies, don't say "it's okay for us as a term of endearment but don't anyone else say it" that's ridiculous. It's either a good word, a bad word, or a who cares word. Pick one.

661 days ago


Spike Lee is a has been trying to keep his name in the Media The truth is that he is Irrelevant

661 days ago


Spike Lee is a whining baby of a racist who will never be 1/10 the filmmaker Tarantino is.

661 days ago


I guess Harvey doesn't want anyone to like the postings or maybe he isn't paying his I T guy enough to keep it working

661 days ago


If you take the poll, an overwhelming majority think "black are too intolerant"

While a overwhelming majority think that
"whites do understand"

I personally voted no on "whites do not understand" and NO on "blacks are too intolerant"

Now seriously think about that..
Just because SPIKE LEE says it's racist EVERYONE thinks that "blacks are too intolerant"?

Spike Lee is one black man, he does not SPEAK for all black people.

I dunno how to take this poll..seems a bit skewed if you ask me? OPINIONS?

661 days ago


Not again. Why in the love of god is Jamie "Racist" Foxx in that picture? In my opinion he makes Spike Lee look like a Klan member.

661 days ago


Im white and the first sign of a white racist is the white guy whos says he understands what it means to be black. that's racist.

661 days ago


The film is set two years before the start of the Civil War and the N word was used during that time period.

661 days ago


first off..... **** spike lee... he is a bitch ....

He is just pissed because its going to be a better movie than 90% of spikes... For a guy worried about race should stop making ghetto flops

661 days ago

David Sauers    

Spike unfortunately is just jealous because he lacks creativity and he didn't think of it first. His comments only show he's starving for attention and the spotlight. Boo! I saw the movie last night. I'm white and we had a black family (mom, dad and son) sitting in front of us. My heart went out to them and others in audience. Afterwards ease-dropping - the audience talked about slavery and how wrong it was and how people today are still forced into labor. The film caused people to talk about todays issues; and for that cheers to QT.

661 days ago

You guys are stupid    

People who say more white people were slaves are just stupid. 100 million black people died in the middle passage. It is the biggest genocide in the history of the world. Just deal with it. You guys are disrespectful on a classless level. There were a few white slaves and a few black slaves owners but acting like this was the norm is just wrong. And tmz some of you quiz questions are race baiting. "Are black people intolerant" ... ? really

661 days ago


I just think Spike Lee is hating because Quentin Tarantino made a movies about slavery better than Spike could ever do!!!!

661 days ago


I saw the movie and being a african woman appreciated a african man finding a way to get his woman. The movie is going to be a classic. To see a black man be victorious and not die at the end is a wonder by itself. Spike should stop hating.

661 days ago


for 58% of you to say that race relations are improved due to MoVIES! long as they are white male ignorance..but if that is even slightly true, we can also blame the entertainment business for the amount of violence our country has exploded hurts race relations...they breed a culture of violence...

661 days ago
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