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"Django Unchained"

N-Word Controversy

You Be the Judge

12/29/2012 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1228-django-unchainedSpike Lee is boycotting Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" because the N-word is used 110 times. Interesting, since Spike has used the N-word in some of his flicks. So we gotta ask ...


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640 days ago


Tricky one maybe. Seems to me that we are getting worked up abut something that happened 150 years ago.

No one is left alive from this horror so perhaps we should move on because it will never happen again.

Its a bit like Germans today being upset about the Romans/Italians enslaving them.

I would be more concerned with the amount of actual and very real segregation that exists Today in the USA. As an Aussie it really affects me seeing such a divided country, it is disturbing.

640 days ago


SO ****IN WHAT!! During that era that word and other racist names/words were used. Its history, there was, still is racism and just like religion you cant change it. so stop trying to get your 15mins and move on. why are that not making a big deal of all the children who need our help???

640 days ago



640 days ago


TMZ is always racist. They say things in a funny way to try and make people go alone with what is being said. I know you do not have to watch TMZ but the truth is we watch things that hurt all the time. And some white people think the color of your skin makes you as a person. Racist "crackers"

640 days ago


I saw the movie today and though it was an awesome movie AND i'm black. Spike Lee just has a big rod stuck up his butt and needs to sit down and shut up. Yes the N word was said but it was what blacks were called at that time and therefore is relevant to the movie. I think just wished he made the movie before Q.T. And as for people that complained about the violence in the movie... Its a Quentin Tarantino movie for crying out loud, that's his signature. Someone always has to complain about everything.

640 days ago


LOL TMZ's own poll results say TMZ is full of shiat.

640 days ago


I'd be more upset that QT is a one-note song of a filmmaker. Boring, cliche and obsessed with hos own dialog-snippet-writing.

640 days ago


Having actually seen the movie I have to say it is far from racist. What it IS is a movie set in a time that the "n word" was used freely it wouldn't be very accurate if the protagonist were being addressed as that "fine young african american fellow". If this movie is racist because a white man wrote it then do I get to cry foul as a Native American everytime I see someone playing cowboys and indians or a sports team mascot is called an Indian when its actually a native? Racism does exist but ALL RACES are to over sensitive to words. Call me what you want as long as your aren't attempting to enslave or exterminate me.

As for QT and Spike Lee they are both over rated hacks, 25 years ago they did great things in cinema now they just do stuff to see if they can get a way with it. The real sad story here is that the minds that gave us Do the Right Thing and Reservoir Dogs are now middle aged rich guys fighting over who can use a word!

640 days ago


I saw "Django Unchained" Xmas Evening. As an African American, I didn't find the use of the N-Word offensive. The institution of slavery as practiced in the Americas was "BRUTAL", PERIOD!!! Treating slaves with dignity and humanity was counter productive to its goal. Of course, the N-Word was used regularly as a means to psychologically dehumanize my ancestors. Quentin Tarantino produces action movies that don't "SUGAR COAT", ANYTHING!!! It would have been an "insult" for him to produce "Django Unchained" in the same fashion "Gone With The Wind" was produced. It's simply not his style. In spite of this movie's raw brutality, I found it to be quite entertaining. Spike Lee is entitled to his opinion but perhaps he should have actually seen the movie before criticizing it. Putting his "foot in his mouth" has cost him dearly at the box office. He seems to have a hard time giving his colleagues credit when it's due.

640 days ago


My skin is neon white. My ancestry is not. I'm very proud of that fact by the way. My grandmother paid a very heavy price for the color of her skin. She lost her children and cleaned houses for all three families who adopted her "pass for white" (court records are a stunning thing) children, just to be close to them until they were grown.
I am offended by the "n" word as it's called here. I've heard it all my life. From in laws who are so terrified I'll forget my place or heritage to total strangers who remark on my family casually, as if it's their right. Both black and white strangers by the way, but who "know of" my kin.
With that being said..
Katt needs a life. Spike needs a life. The saturation of the slur is ABSOLUTELY appropriate for the period of the movie. It is as shocking as the subject matter was and still is today. It's meant to be. If you think only a black director has the right to shine a light and point a finger at the incredible injustice of this historical time? You're damned sure a bigot and a hypocrite. Don't tell ME I dont understand. I've walked that mile. I continue to walk that mile and will til my toes curl up and rot. I watched my grandmother suffer all her life, my cousins, my kin. It's made us stronger, more proud of who we are, not who others perceive us to be.

640 days ago


Nobody checking for spike lee movies anymore......QT likes to press racial buttons his motives are his own but as was mentioned both the movie and spike are IRRELEVANT

640 days ago


I have observed Spike Lee as a baby many times. Look at the pols here, Spike. The truth is that I think Spike Lee is both jealous and not as interesting as Quentin, so what you have is a man who whines for attention because he is past his peak. Django Unchained is a GREAT movie and it shows you how closed minded Spike is that he refuses to see it but he's more than willing to judge it. How closed minded. Art is art. Movie making is movie making. My cousins three children were literally murdered!!!! NO JOKE!! So should my cousin stand up and cry foul in a comedy club when a person jokes about a kid dying? NO! Get off your high horse, Spike!

640 days ago


Looks like Republicans & the KKK answered the poll questions, wow; just goes to show the depths of ignorance in this country, still.

640 days ago

Not Offended    

Spike -- we look forward to your public demonstrations against rappers far and wide. When you are on TV and in the news confronting most every comedian on the black networks, then we'll feel you are honest.

640 days ago
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