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Justin Bieber

"Harassed" by Dead Photog

1/3/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Justin Bieber and the photog who was killed were very close ... but not in a good way. We'll tell you why people in Justin's camp are now slamming the guy.

Plus, Kathy Griffin thinks her repeated attempts to give Anderson Cooper a mock-BJ on New Year's Eve were hysterical, but the Parents Television Council prez joined us to explain why KG's antics probably scarred millions of kids.

And, Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) says he'd rather teach his kids how to smoke pot than have them learn on their own ... you buying what he's selling?

(0:00) Justin Bieber's people are lashing out at the photographer who died this week -- saying the guy was harassing Justin and making his life a living hell. Too soon ... or the right time to take the offensive?
(5:00) Weight loss companies want nothing to do with Kim Kardashian ... so why would they snub one of the most popular people on the planet?
(10:00) The "Twilight" star who swore he didn't pee in an airport terminal ... definitely peed in an airport terminal. He peed A LOT ... and we have video of the bizarre incident.
(14:00) One of Sofia Vergara's prized possessions (one of her boobs) popped out during a New Year's Eve brawl ... and we have a photo of the revealing situation.
(18:00) Kathy Griffin repeatedly tried to give Anderson Cooper a mock BJ during their NYE broadcast -- we talk to the head of the Parents Television Council, who's ticked off at her sexual antics.
(24:00) Kanye West gets out of a ticket with a warning -- so the question -- do celebs get more legal breaks than the Average Joe?
(29:00) This is really interesting -- after a group of A-list celebs make a PSA to urge stricter gun control ... a group spliced in video of those same celebs wielding weapons and shooting people in movies. Hypocrisy at its finest, folks.
(33:00) Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg) says he'd rather teach his kids how to smoke weed than have them learn themselves.
(36:00) It's once again time for Tim's worst pitches of the week!
(38:00) The floor is yours!

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Jus Another Viewer    

Riddalin & Adderall are 100% worse for human consumption than WEED!
WoW! Do some RESEARCH!

660 days ago


I laugh at Americans who try to beat around the bush over the fact that weed is legal now in two American States, Colorado and Washington States, with Oregon to follow. Weed is less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol, and since you preach to your young adults about drinking responsibly, why would you not also want to teach them how to get high, responsibly. I would rather see the youth culture smoking weed than using cigarettes, alcohol, crystal meth or guns. The only reason that everyone makes such a big fuss over weed, is because the politicians chose to categorize it in the same pigeon hole as chemical drugs, and society got sucked in by that association. In fact, the only reason the politicians did that, was because it was after World War 2, and they needed to have jobs in the textile industry available to the soldiers who were returning home from the war. Politicians did not want competition from the hemp farmers, who could make many of the same products much more cheaply, including medications, because that only made money for the farmer, it didn't make jobs for the soldiers. That's not a free country, people. That was straight up communism. I wish people would think for themselves and educate themselves, because anything less than that culminates in a society of morons.

660 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Tim Hortens Makes the best coffee

660 days ago


dost daost plappy tasso hTfluckos heost deadost

660 days ago


Kim K would NOT be a good spokes person for anything ... except milkshakes

660 days ago


Cooper probably deserves a BJ from Kathy if he got through that many years hosting with her! I'd rather not watch though LOL!

660 days ago

Flying Blind    

Marijuana could keep you from killing your neighbor, just say'n

660 days ago

Elizabeth Waldrep    

What? Paparazzi gets the blame for his own death now, just because he's a paparazzi? I am hearing that Miley Cyrus lashed out on tweeter at the paparazzi who was struck by a vehicle and died. Her comment was This was bound to happen! Your mom teaches u when your a child not to play in the street! Boy, that makes my mom hairs on arms stand straight up. Really, well guess what? This is my street view. Using her own words: Your mom teaches u when your a child not to play in the street (in the street; also as in many other places and with many things ). Miley should sit down and zip it. This is an unfair attack on a man doing his job to his best of his ability. Unfortunately,he is dead. Unfortunately the mass is siding with her. Please people don't compare this man's unfortunate death to what happened to princess Di. He was struck while doing his job from a distance. Sad, sad, sad. Princess Di accident was caused by the reckless actions of the chauffeur. It was concluded that the 1999 crash was caused by Paul, who lost control of the car at high speed while drunk. Also he was under the influence of other drugs. So, you can put blame on the paparazzi or we can also put blame on the boyfriend who told the chauffeur to pick up speed and even the tunnel. Paparazzi's do need to be respectful and keep their distance and isn't this just what this guy was doing in the streets of Los Angeles.

660 days ago


KISS MY USS TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J.B. FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

660 days ago


Didn't Harvey use to work with Robert Kardashin.. kinda tells ya what you need to know.. lol

659 days ago


Kathy maybe your humor is getting old because its a stale joke having a wrinkly older woman try to give a giggly gay guy a B.J. It would have worked years ago before Anderson Cooper opened up his life about everything everyday on his talk show but now? we already get it, got it, and are over it.

659 days ago


Really CNN execs Really----Are you serious??? Kathy Griffin is banned from almost every daytime tv and news show. Did you think she wouldn't do anything rauncy on live tv? Really???

659 days ago


TMZ really needs to do some homework, Kim Kardashian has a weight watchers deal, She owns a company called Quick Trim, that deals with weight loss.

659 days ago


I'm gonna have to disagree with most ppl here and say this paps death was his own fault. Come on guys (n girls) there is a way to do ur job and a way to do it sensibly. He wasn't killed a distance away, he was run over tryin to get back to his vehivle after being in an unauthorized location (too close to the car that was stopped and the officver eesponding. Anyone knows u can not get within 5 ft of an ongoing investigation including a traffic stop. The COP was the one who told the paparazzi to get back in his car. It was then the pap was hit n killed. How is that anyone elses fault BUT the paparazzi? I feel for his family but his actions were dumb and cost him his life. Not to mention, JB wasn't even in the drivers seta of the car it was lil twist. these enetertainers do not sign up for this. They sign up to do tours, concerts, albums, public appearances but not to be chased by ppl with no regard for the celebrities or their own personal safety. There is such a thing as being too over zealous n that's wat this guy was. It cost him his life. Wat if it would have cost an innocent bystander their life? Ppl need to be more cautious how they do their jobs and every other occupation takes precautions including police, military etc. Y can't the tabloids??

659 days ago


Snoop is likely a good father I would think. His kids are well aware that he smokes weed. They are well aware of weed culture. Snoop knows they must be curious or will be (depending on their ages), and he doesn't want to be a hypocrite. There is lots of ****ty street weed that's laced and if Snoop can somehow confirm the ones that are not or wants to basically supply weed for his kids, better he does than some crack addict dealer selling his kid weed. Better the kids shouldn't have to buy it on the street or wind up with some unreliable dealer.

659 days ago
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