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Justin Bieber

Pot Smoking

You Be the Judge

1/6/2013 1:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0104-justin-bieber-tmzJustin Bieber's pot smoking raises questions about the role of celebs as role models. So we gotta ask ...



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It's a gateway drug when it's used by a brain dead teenager that has more money than he knows what to do with. The idea of it being a gateway drug to the average Joe schmo is ridiculous.
But this idiot kid is dumb enough to think a little snort of coke here and there is no big deal either, and it will progress from there.
Hopefully it will be his downfall and we won't have to hear about him much longer.

570 days ago


Who would honestly believe this? I mean ,
hasnt TMZ also said justin was dead 5 times? Yeaaaaaahhh.......

570 days ago


Justin does NOT SMOKE POT. In the pictures before, his tattoos aren't showing! His head looks oddly shaped, and his legs are darker than they usually are. It's probably ALL PHOTOSHOP. TMZ, stop accusing Justin of this!

570 days ago

leelu richie    

pot is not a gateway drug... when i moved to the city 13 yers ago i tried weed... it wasnt my jam but coke was... so... no major leap... weeds not a gateway drug.

570 days ago

leelu richie    

pot is not a gateway drug... when i moved to the city 13 yers ago i tried weed... it wasnt my jam but coke was... so... no major leap... weeds not a gateway drug.

570 days ago


Alcohol causes people to go off, lose their minds, black-out, start fights, drive drunk and kill people, destroys families, will turn your brain to mush, usually brings out the very worst in people, etc., etc., etc! This country better wise up and make alcohol illegal. Pot will not change your personality, will not give you brain damage, will never cause black-outs, does not make you a ranting, raving idiot, wont make you have trouble walking or driving and does absolutely NO serious damage to your body. The high only lasts from a half hour to 45 minutes and all it does is chill you out. Yeah, alcohol is legal but dont get caught driving after you have been drinking! This country needs to wise the hell up about weed. Legalizing it would bring millions of dollars into the economy. But then I'm sure our sorry-ass government would figure out a way to p*ss away all that incoming money just like they do now. Go ahead Justin, smoke your weed, dude. No biggie. Rather see you do that then get hooked on f-ing heroin or bath salts or other new and dangerous drugs. A friend of mine had a good friend who was doing that synthetic marijuana or "Mr. Nice Guy" as she called it. She was flipping out, paranoid, throwing things at him and after he called the police because he was so afraid about the way she was acting, she took a flying leap off a 15th story balcony to her death right in front of the cops and my friend. This girl never ever acted like that until she took/smoked that crap. Wise up people.

570 days ago


There needs to be an option to put pot as it is. It is not worse or as bad as booze. Give us that option.

570 days ago


Haha, I knew this little punk smoked weed. I wouldn't put it past him to be doing or end up doing other drugs. It is that life style that he leads right now. All the lies told by management or whatever the hell they were just made it worse. Juust own up to what the hell you doing, because it WILL get out. Another thing. **** you for trying to make that pap look like he was lying and had no reason at all to want to take your picture and that there was no story there. I hope you burn in hell for that **** dude.

570 days ago


I am no justin beiber fan at all i find him rather annoying. But all of the people on here who are bashing him for smoking weed are ridiculous why cant people mind their own business. People want to judge him for smoking weed wake up sheep weed is way less harmful than booze leave the kid alone.

570 days ago


LOL at the foolios that think pot it worse than alcohol. Amazing.

570 days ago


I think his problem is who his "handlers" are letting him hang out with. Lil Waynes friends all smoke and do dope pretty openly. If Justins manager and parents let him hang around those types, he's going to be doing everything they do pretty much. I just hope he's smart enough not to let it lead to harder drugs.

570 days ago


Stay blunted, Justin. Remember kids, weed won't kill you, but standing in traffic will.

570 days ago


My concern for him is that he'll get into other stuff to get high and it'll mess him up. This is probably why his relationship broke up.

570 days ago


Alocohol is the ultimate gateway drug. Weed is not even close. Not even a little. Anyone who says otherwise is truly ignorant. Last thing you want to do is find cocaine or something else when you are high. When you are hammered drunk, you wanna find anything you can get your hands on.

This is true for most everyone.

570 days ago


The Biebs is busy working on legislature so he as a Canadian can come to the U.S. and be protected from the paparazzi so he and his friends can party and drive down U.S. highways at whatever speed they want ... while taking no personal responsibility for the laws they break causing the deaths and harm to others .. yes the U.S. does need more laws to protect him while he breaks their current ones ... without accountability.

570 days ago
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