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Bieber Smokes ...

Lil Twist Gets Burned

1/7/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Justin Bieber gets photographed smoking weed -- and immediately fingers are pointed at JB's pal Lil Twist! Is the rapper really a bad influence ... and does anyone care if 18-yr-old Justin experiments with marijuana?

Plus, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West turn down a $3 MILLION offer for the first pics of their baby!! Are they crazy? Brangelina, J.Lo and lots of other stars cashed in ... why shouldn't K&K?

And, "Best Funeral Ever" -- if you haven't seen it on TV -- get ready to be amazed. We've got the funeral director who turns mourning into a party, and love it or hate it ... you can't look away.

(0:00) Justin Bieber smoking weed -- we've got the pictures. And to make matters worse, the Bieb's people are blaming his Black friend Lil Twist for his bad behavior.
(10:00) Lindsay Lohan lucked out -- she missed a court date ... but the hearing was postponed anyway. You have to hear the wacky statement her attorney made about psychics outside of court.
(14:00) Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have already turned down a $3 million offer for the first pictures of their unborn baby ... which means they're most likely just holding out for a much bigger payday.
(18:00) This is AMAZING. A new show called "Best Funeral Ever" just debuted ... and it's about the craziest funerals you'll ever see. We talk to the man responsible for it, John Beckwith Jr.
(24:00) "Real Housewives" star Bethenny Frankel has pulled the plug on her marriage -- and wants her ex to pay up. Did we mention she's incredibly rich already?
(26:00) Breaking news -- a Twitter trend is calling for fans of Justin Bieber to cut themselves ... and it's a terrible, terrible idea. Miley Cyrus is urging his young fans to ignore it.
(29:00) "Honey Boo Boo" star Mama June says she's putting most of the money they make on the show into accounts for the kids. She's smarter than she looks.
(33:00) Ariel Winter's mom on "Modern Family" -- Julie Bowen -- weighed in on Ariel's custody situation ... and we can't tell whose side she's on. Listen and decide for yourself.
(36:00) L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is finally explaining why he took a photo with Charlie Sheen ... and his answer is classic.
(38:00) The floor is yours!

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I would give my right nut to hear Harvey say bazingggggga

662 days ago


What Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are saying is $3;re kidding right, we want 5 times that at least!

662 days ago

judy hall    

where can i find TMZ on my directv.they were on channel 22,now they are gone...please dont tell me that they have been canceled

662 days ago


The sister's SHOULD get equal cuts of the Honey Boo Boo show....theirs lives are just as much thrown out there for the public to see as Alana's is!!! If the show ONLY was about Alana and no one else was filmed then the $ would go to her alone!! Sure the premise was a spin off of a Toddler and Tiara contestant....but its become way more about the whole FAMILY!


662 days ago

Krunti Bradnick    

For me, it started with weed too. Then, I found myself selling my fanny for crack within weeks. Don't do it Justin! Just don't do it!

662 days ago


No offense but who gives a **** let me know when he tries heroine or cocaine. He's no more of a Badass then basically every 18 year old in American, face it everyone has tried or smokes marijuana.

662 days ago


That is not Justin Bieber because Justin Bieber would NEVER in a million years wear those shoes. He is all about he supras and that is not supras. Also JB is a good person and stop acting like he isn't because he is and all of you guys are bitches if you don't think so. I rest my case so live a bad life TMZ

662 days ago


my thing on this is well im Always going to be a Belieber and i think lil twist is a kind of a bad influence Justin is probably the youngest one in their little group and could feel pressured into doing what they do and we all know lil Twist smokes .. and no i dont hate lil twist i just think Justin needs a break from him.. and i hope after Justin seen the pictures and everything on Twitter that he realized he needs to stop smoking and we arent trying to be nosy we want to make sure Justin is okay and smoking is not good for his voice or his lungs and smoking makes you die faster and we all want justin to live as long as he can. i hope Justin will think before he does something like this again. We love you Justin and we all know humans make mistakes but as a human we need to fix our mistakes and realize what we did was wrong. Justin i love you along with all the other beliebers <3 We care about you thats why we care and no this doesnt change how i feel about Justin, he will always be Kidrauhl <3
but Justin Pleasee if you are smoking please stop not only for your beliebers but for you and your health <33

662 days ago



662 days ago

Deb from Detroit    

It doesn't surprise me that Justin was smoking weed. I knew, just by becoming aware of the people who was supposedly taking care of or working for/with him that it was just a matter of time for him to become the "big man" along with his crew.

662 days ago


nobody cares about ****ing justin bieber except his weak-minded *****-ass fans, they ought just commit suicide already! **** justin bieber! here's to his death of cancer before the age of 30!

662 days ago

G Stewart    

Is it true that since Kim K is currently married to Kris H that makes him her child's "father"? Is so can he sell pics of the baby? LOL!!!!!

661 days ago


He's just a Boy..!!!

661 days ago


So Justin smoked weed. Big deal. He isn't a child anymore. I'm sure no one put the joint to his mouth and inhaled it for him. His friend may have been with him but he isn't to blame. Seriously, who cares if Justin smokes it or not??? After all, he is a canadian ;)

661 days ago
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