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Ben Affleck to Jennifer Lopez

How You Like Me Now?

1/14/2013 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Think Jennifer Lopez was thinkin' "Gee, I'm a Dumbass" when she watched Ben Affleck -- the guy she DUMPED back in 2004 -- clean up at the Golden Globes this weekend? 

We do.

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No Avatar


It was also NINE YEARS ago. N I N E Y E A R S
A G O. For God's sake. Stupid. I'm quite sure they're not sitting around thinking about each other. STUPID STUPID ASSININE STORY.

610 days ago

Ca Girl    

Cruel and WRONG info.

610 days ago


TMZ...It's well do***ented that Affleck dumped her!

610 days ago


A Golden Globe is still a second banana award to Oscar who snubbed him. BA is a still a B list Hollywood playa who has a lot to live down. His movies Gigli and Gone Baby Gone were two of the worst films of the new millennium. And that's saying a lot.

610 days ago


TMZ...It's a known fact that Affleck dumped her!

610 days ago

Paul Revere    

Open Letter to Mr Affleck from a Veteran:
Concerning your plans to Invade The Congo:
If you have ever been to one of these defunct wastelands in Northern Africa you would quickly realize that it is a hopeless situation. The Sons and Daughters of America must never again be sent on suicide missions in these 3rd world hell-holes. Any assistance you give them will only go to prop up another, deadlier regime. Haven't you learned anything from Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia, or Afghanistan? I forgot, you weren't present at any of these activites due to your "work schedule" ....But I was, so were my son and daughter. Do you have any idea of what the wives and parents of these soldiers are going through? I do. Do you have any idea of the hardships that our troops face or the toll that it takes on their relationships? I do! Can you imagine how it feels to have a friend killed in one of these hell holes? I do. BTW, do you think that a military career is in your children's future? Would you be so willing to send soldiers into danger if your children were in the Military?

I have a suggestion for people who want to change the world: Send YOUR Sons and Daughters and stop sending mine.

I write this as my wife and I sit at home waiting for our Son to return from Afghanistan.

610 days ago


Wow! TMZ writers must be bored to make up such nonsense! He dumped her big time.

610 days ago


J LO got more $, and Ben got snubbed for the real award, the almighty Oscar.

610 days ago


she is dating a kid that went to school with my kid so sad.she doesn't care because she exposes her children to these boys!!! with J Lo everybody gets a turn just like a door knob.

610 days ago


Her dancer jump off with "0" credits is a huge non power player GO JLO great choices...

610 days ago


Hahaha! He is WAY better off now! A beautiful wife and 3 perfect kids. I'd rather be him then her!!

610 days ago


HE DUMPED HER, it's a known fact! Ben was sick and tired of all the publicity, the paps stalking them and her high maintenance, he realized he made a HUGE mistake proposing to her and only wanted OUT. Check your facts TMZ, Lopez was devastated when he dumped her.

610 days ago


He dumped her idiots

610 days ago

Throwback kid    

Well JLO's current boyfriend Casper has about as much going for him as K FED does! Casper has no education and no job skills, what does a backup dancer do when he gets in his 30"s?

610 days ago


Love Ben Affleck. So glad he started directing, too. I was pissed how he was treated after dating JLo. You'd think he committed a crime! GO BEN!!

610 days ago
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