Kardashian Family The Cousin You Weren't Supposed to Meet

1/15/2013 10:00 AM PST

A new member of the Kardashian family has emerged in L.A. ... he's Armenian, he wears designer clothes, and he wants to be famous ... but despite all the K-qualities, he's NEVER been invited to a single family function.

His name is Ron Kardashian -- a self-described "life coach" and personal trainer who claims to be Kim's 3rd cousin. Problem is ... Kim, Khloe and Kourt say they've never heard of him.

Sources close to the famous Kardashians tell TMZ ... there IS an off-chance Ron shares a bloodline, but they definitely don't consider him family ... 'cause they've never met him.

But get this ... it seems the Kardashian DNA is programmed to seek out fame, 'cause according to Ron's website, he's currently developing several reality TV show projects.