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Legendary Oscar Winner

My Fingernails Are


1/19/2013 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


These are not the fingernails of a poor person ... or a dead person ... or a Charlie Sheen ... they belong to one of the most famous people on the planet.

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a story like this only proves it's going to be a very slow weekend in Hollyweird!!

621 days ago


These things happen

621 days ago

Spicy mag    

What the **** is wrong with his nails!? I hope he gets those checked out.

621 days ago


Ewwww what's wrong with Al?
Those digits look infected.

621 days ago


I love ya Al , but baby, those nails could be a sign of a serious disease. Have those checked out.

621 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Al's approaching Nick Nolte in the "amazing mess" category.

621 days ago


Seriously...two cycles of oral/tablets ofLamisil for fungus, it really will fix this. I had toenails like this from athletes foot and swim team/mold floors and walking barefoot on carpet with other family members who had really bad feet and every one eventually gets it in the family, especially if sharing the shower/tub floor in a household. Once you get it, it just takes over all nails and they get hard, yellow, thicker or even just disappear. It is gross, I know, but today after two rounds of prescribed tablet form taken orally Lamisil , my nails are PERFECT and you would never know they looked like Al's finger. I bet his toes are the same or worse. Even just rubbing toes with this guy you will/can get it. He probably has a yeast overgroeth internally that he can fix with a better diet as well. Once you have a yeast problem it afects so much of your body. Look it up. Yeast and fungus are what ails most people with any health issue. Seriously, it is just a body bug gone bad...but totally fixable...but you have to do some work and change some of your habits and foods...and do the Lamisil tablets...let us know the results Al.

By the way you have to take a liver test first before they will prescribe to cannot have a bad liver.

I had absolutley no problems or side effects, and it has been over 15 years since I cured my nails....yeah!!!

They even have patients assistance programs through the pharmcuetical company that makes it, if you cannot aford it.

Get a doctor to prescribe after an exam and call the pharm co. and tell them our situation...better yet write them a handwritten plea and maybe even show them a photo of your situation.

It really works.

620 days ago


Another tip:

do not walk barefoot, always wear clean flip-flops around the house and everywhere instead of bare feet and wash them periodcally with hot saop and water, dry your feeet/hands well, even use the blow dryer to dry under toenails every time they get wet and always clean with a toenail nail stick, I think they call them orange sticks, any way keep them clean and DRY. I wear a cheap $1.00 walmart pair of shower flip-flops by my shower door and put them on as soon as I dry my feet and if I go into a strange shower or visits family, I wear them IN THE SHOWER and soap up and put them right bak on and I curl my toes to the sky..I don't ever want that fungus again....

Just my tips because someone is reading this and is listening.

I tell you it all works...get rid of it and keep yourself from catching it again....

do not share shoes or socks with anyone also!!!

620 days ago

Blue Lake    


620 days ago


That looks like a crime scene prop.

620 days ago

News Flash     

Damn that's nasty!

620 days ago

News Flash     

Call 911

620 days ago

News Flash     

How would you like to suck on those? LMAO

620 days ago


thought it was britney spears ..looks similar except she bites em down till her cuticles bleed. just as gross.

620 days ago


Why would he let that happen to himself ?

620 days ago
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