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Beyonce's Nat'l Anthem

National Disgrace?

1/22/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Beyonce's lip-synched "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Inauguration has some people (*cough* Harvey) up in arms!!! Especially because Kelly Clarkson belted her song out, LIVE. Is B's fake anthem such a big deal?

Plus, Lindsay Lohan turns down big money from "Dancing With the Stars" -- think she'll regret that move the next time a bill collector comes knockin'?

And, Alabama QB AJ McCarron's super hot girlfriend Katherine Webb is finally going Hollywood ... with his permission, of course.  

(0:00) Beyonce lip syncs the National Anthem -- and ticks off the entire country in the process. So if Kelly Clarkson could sing live ... why couldn't Bey?
(10:00) Alabama QB A.J. McCarron's GF Katherine Webb has gone Hollywood -- after he finally gave her the okay to cash in on Brent Musburger's ogling.
(14:00) Prince Harry finally speaks out about his nude photos -- and says something a little delusional.
(18:00) Lindsay Lohan turns down a monster deal to do "Dancing with the Stars" -- and if you think that's the weirdest Lindsay story of the day, you're wrong.
(24:00) Arnold Schwarzenegger says he still wants to get back with Maria Shriver ... and Charles has an interesting theory why.
(28:00) Britney Spears is back to her old ways -- jetting around town and getting photographed. Should we be worried?
(32:00) How much did Sheryl Crow know about Lance Armstrong's doping? If she did know ... did she have a duty to step forward?
(35:00) "Real Housewives" star Adrienne Maloof is now dating a guy a whole lot younger than her ... and the guy happens to be Rod Stewart's kid.
(38:00) The floor is yours!

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Los Pepes    

It should always be live no matter what!

637 days ago


I don't believe for one second that DWTS offered Smeghan a contract. After her bullshyte with Liz and Dick, The Clamyons, and SM5 there is no way they are going to hire someone they know won't show up.

637 days ago


How 'bout we post Beyonce and Madonna pics next to each other and ask....Which One Sucked The Most? Madonna at Super Bowl or Beyonce at Inauguration?

637 days ago

Flying Blind    

Lilo going for the insanity defense .....

637 days ago


Damned if you do, damned if you don't. She's being villifyied on net for lip synching, if she sang live and missed a note, it would be the same thing anyway. Just be happy y'all didn't get yourself a OPERA SINGER that makes your national anthem last for 22 minutes.

637 days ago


not according to Ashlee Simpson.

637 days ago


I'm with Harvey. Lypsyncing at a presidential inauguration is LOW. They could have chosen a more competent singer who WOULD have been able to sing the national anthem LIVE.

637 days ago


Harvey's in his glory today, he can whinge about Bey lip syncing, complain about Smeghan and drool over the Prince Harry pics again.

637 days ago


I need someone to confirm that Beyonce's performance was lip-synched. Someone who has close ties to her and the performance. Even if it was lip-synced, Beyonce has the right to do that because unlike most pop singers, she can actually sing. I think this is just another hate-filled rumor aimed at tarnishing Beyonce's squeaky clean image. What she does on stage (neck rolling< booty swinging, etc) does not define the type of woman she is off stage. We hold these truths to be self evident by her appearance yesterday. She looked nothing less than elegant and her rendition of the Star Spangle Banner was the best I heard since Whitney Houston. Please stop hating. Opinions are welcome but slandering someone is obsessive and shows a lot about your character. And to be honest... I don't even like her.

637 days ago


Team Kelly Clarson !!

637 days ago


Rabbyradical, Sidebar and Seamus, where are you three?

637 days ago


If they're going to start lip-syncing because they're afraid they'll mess it up and be criticized, then the only singers I can think of that could handle it are opera singers. And no, not a 22-minute version LOL but just sing it beautifully and live and that's that. Problem solved :)

637 days ago


HARVEY, NICE SHIRT. It's about damn time someone dressed you. That color looks fantabulous. Get more color in your damn wardrobe.

637 days ago


The reason why Lindsay turned it down is because SHE knows as well as everyone else that she would not last the first rehearsal ! She's in terrible shape , would never show up on time, and could not live her drug infested lifestyle. What a joke this is! I hope this is a lie, just like Lindsay's life is !

637 days ago


Fake, made up, NON-story! Playback is ROUTINELY used in these large outdoor settings.

637 days ago
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