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Ronaiah Tuiasosopo

Intense Feelings For

Manti Te'o

1/24/2013 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo
had intense feelings for Manti Te'o ... feelings that developed over time that he channeled through a female persona, but the emotions -- like the scam -- were rooted in fantasy.

Sources very close to Ronaiah tell TMZ ... he struggled for years trying to adapt to the expectations of his culture, his religion and his family.  Ronaiah, we're told, never had a serious physical relationship with anyone and created a female persona online as a way to vent his feelings.

We're told Ronaiah used the female persona in many encounters, but so far there's no evidence he became intensely emotionally attached to anyone -- until Manti.  We've confirmed when Ronaiah spoke with Manti as "Lennay Kekua" he used his own voice.

Indeed ... Ronaiah's feelings became so intense, he blew his cover on December 6 because it was hard to walk away.  He never intended to reveal Manti was actually talking to a man ... he just wanted to reconnect with Manti, but still as a woman. 

Our sources say Ronaiah has buried his feelings to the point he has little emotion about anything.  We're told even the scandal has not produced intense emotions. 

We're told, Ronaiah shut down emotionally at a very young age.  He lived his life through fantasy.

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Real creepy to do to another human being.

583 days ago


All of this just for a guest spot on “The Following.” Smells like Bacon to me!

583 days ago


Does anyone else see the resemblance this story has to the plot of the 1982 movie "Tootsie"?! Ronaiah (Dustin Hoffman) has a crush on Manti (Jessica Lang) and engineers a way to get close to him (her). It works, only Manti falls in love with Lennay "Tootsie". Lennay (Tootsie) is so damned cute that she becomes "real" to people! But Ronaiah (Dustin) can't keep it up any longer, and reveals himself. Manti (Jessica) is hurt, but not so hurt that he (she) can't be freinds with Ronaiah (Dustin). Remember the big hug between them?

583 days ago


Yeah like he's a victim. Throw his ass in jail!

583 days ago


Can you spell G-A-Y?

582 days ago


Feel bad for Teo. Roniah not so much, he ruined a lot of lives especially manti. roniah put him in the mental ward and let him live his fantasy life in there

582 days ago

Leonard Edelen    

This young man is probably gay, and should be left alone. He will deal with whatever issues he has on his own time. If this continues to swirl around the media, you can be he will end of up doing something to put an end to it.

582 days ago


ESPN , NY Post and several other credible sources revealed yesterday that there have been four different, independent, speech analysts which have confirmed that IT WAS A WOMEN'S VOICE on those VM's...not a man posing as a woman, so it could not have been Ronny posing as "Lennay;" as a TMZ staffer wrote above.

582 days ago


We've confirmed when Ronaiah spoke with Manti as "Lennay Kekua" he used his own voice.

OK.......the writer should tell us if the dude's voice could pass for a lady or is obviously male sounding.....

582 days ago

Spicy mag    

Give him the electric chair with strap on attachment.

582 days ago

L BrEzZy    

-this annt **** but a lot of bull**** and a wast of paid tv time. #I think bro tryin to get rich!!

582 days ago


OK... so Manti claims he was scammed by a guy pretending to be a girl. But wait.... didn't Manti claim to hear the "girlfriend's" brothers and nurses talking simultaneously while she was comatose? And who doesn't make a single visit to their signifigant other who's hospitalized for months on end and on death's door at least 3 times???? I'm confused.

582 days ago


I dont feel sorry for Lennay, I mean RONAIAH. But, I do feel sorry for his family. I hope they beat his ass with a 2by4 (Samoanstye). I
I saw the Katie Curic interview with Manti, and I thought the introduction by Matt Gutman was too funny: "They were so close...they'd fallen asleep every night to the sound of the other breathing" LMAO were they breathing very hard hahaha

581 days ago


I do not feel sorry for this guy. That he has "no feelings" indicates a sociopath-type personality. He is obviously a closeted gay man who is angry because he feels he has to conform to what his "culture, religion and family" wants. So he takes it out on others by deceiving them with his fake female persona. This dude needs help. The person that needs sympathy is Manti Te'o for being deceived by this scammer who masquerades as a Christian.

580 days ago


Biggest CREEP on earth

577 days ago
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