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Tina Turner

Goodbye America

I'm Gonna Be a Swiss Citizen

1/25/2013 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0124-tina-turner-swizerland-gettyWilliam Tell may no longer be the most famous Swiss person in history ... 'cause Tina Turner says she's renouncing her U.S. citizenship to become a full-fledged citizen of Switzerland.

Turner -- who was born in Nutbush, Tennessee -- has been living in Zurich since the mid-90s ... and according to multiple reports, she's decided to make Switzerland her permanent home.

According to a local Swiss newspaper, officials in Switzerland have already decided to GRANT Turner's request for citizenship ... and now it's only a matter of time before the move becomes official.

We called Turner's rep for comment -- who told us she was still trying to get in touch with Tina to clarify the situation.

Also ... yeah, William Tell was Swiss. The more you know ...


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Apparently, half of you cannot read or comprehend anything. What part of "she has been living there since the 90's", don't you get? The woman left a long time ago, and is doing very well for herself. She's in her 70's and still looks better than half of you HATERS. Get a effin life!!!

603 days ago


I'm new I think I only get 2liners lol gotta work my way into this comment thing

603 days ago


Now that the wannabe king, Osama is going to tax the "rich" to pay off people who don't do anything but lay around, make babies and vote, you are going to see a lot more folks getting away.
Good luck to ya Tina!

603 days ago


campaign for obama support his raising taxes speeches flee country when he wins lmao.gotta love hollywood

603 days ago


Switzerland will have a citizen with the greatest legs on Earth.
Best of everything Tina.

603 days ago


Oh thats nice. America gives her the riches and fame she has an now she wants to become a Swiss citizen??? I just never thought of her doing something like that with all her domestic issues with Ike way back when you think she would love the ideal of freedome she got here in the USA!!!!

603 days ago


DON`t forget to STILL pay your american taxes anyway FATMA rule or the USA will track you down and put you in jail untill all your stiil taxed anyway taxes are payed.If you were born in the USA you have to pay taxes to american for the rest of your lifetime no matter were you move or reside or if you change citzships.FAMA rule double taxes for the rest of your life and your estates

603 days ago


Yes, she has been living in Switzerland since the 90s, but she is now RENOUNCING HER U.S. CITIZENSHIP! That is a big difference than just having a house there.

603 days ago


FATMA taxe rule you still pay american taxes for life if you were born here no matter where you move reside or get citzships at

603 days ago


And we're supposed to care?

603 days ago


can I go with you I what out off here to lol

603 days ago


renouncing your born in american citzenships won`t stop your american taxes,nothing will you pay them for your whole lifetime no matter where you move reside or change citzenships to or at and your estate will still be taxed by the pay american taxes even if you switch citzenships IRS FATMA rule doubleing her taxes.99% of americans living overseas don`t know the IRS fatma rule but if you don`t pay your still american taxes incomes the IRS can and do hunt you down.

603 days ago


To all the "tax" people: you do realize that 1)the tax rate simply returned to the Clinton-era rates and 2)the 2% raise in SS tax was just returning to the previous rate after a 2 year "tax holiday" 3) the tax rate for those above 400k was only increased 4% 4) she has lived in Switzerland since the 90s 5) the tax rate on top earners was actually significantly higher - 50% 6 of 8 years- the Republican savior Reagan was in office. Please read an economics book or google occasionally.

603 days ago


Tina had 25 years to denounce her U.S citizenship but does so now when Obama's about to jack up taxes for the rich. Sad that success is being vilified

603 days ago


anyone should be able to change citzenships and not get double taxed by the IRS.she won`t pay and won`t be able to come here without going to jail most likey IRS FATMA TAXE rule

603 days ago
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