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Lindsay Lohan


Flies First Class to L.A.

1/30/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina took the last flight out of JFK last night and jetted to L.A. after being warned she'd be a wanted woman if she was a no-show in court this morning.

Lindsay -- who is not just broke but deeply in debt -- waited in her car at the airport (above) until the last minute ... then flew first class on American Airlines and landed at around 12:30 AM.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay had no intention of showing up in her lying-to-cops case and got a doctor's note which was filed with the court, saying she couldn't fly because she had an upper respiratory infection. But then we posted pictures of Lindsay shopping and smoking in SoHo the very day she got the doctor's note.

We're told Lindsay went into a panic after we posted our story Tuesday and started calling everyone to find out if we were right ... that the judge would probably issue a warrant for her arrest if she didn't show. Our Lindsay sources say she was pleading with Shawn Holley -- the lawyer she fired -- to come back on the case, saying she didn't like her replacement -- New York lawyer Mark Heller.

Holley made it clear days ago ... she's off the case, so it's now up to Heller, who clearly started off on the wrong foot by submitting the doctor's note, along with a New York Post article saying a lot of people in NYC had the flu.

Heller has another problem -- the lawyer he got to sponsor him to appear in a California court has never met him, and it's possible the judge could deny him the right to represent Lindsay. 

So Lindsay could be lawyerless ... and you know what they say about a client who reps herself ...

We'll be livestreaming the action in court beginning at 8:30 AM.



No Avatar


Deeply in Debt when she use to get 7 Million Dollars a Film smh what a disappointment she has become

628 days ago


So the "Canyon of Doom" aka what was formely known as La Lohan! is to finally to present itself to court in a few hours no?
Will it finally happen?
Is this a dream?
Is it real?
Will it skate again?
So many, many questions people.
Will there be any answers????

628 days ago

Jim in Cali    

For giggles I think Lindsay should play a lawyer tomorrow. What the hell, might as well make it your own movie set since being a video feed on the TMZ website is the most exciting thing you do for the public these days.

628 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

And to think...nobody would have been there to take her picture if she hadn't called you.

628 days ago


please, please, please put this mess in jail for a looooong time. Should've been done a long time ago. Since it seems to be the legal system's responsibility to parent her, send her to her room - a concrete room with bars.

628 days ago


All these years of lies, excuses, threats, fights, thefts, Hoing, blowing, drugs, booze, bad acting, car crashes, destroying things, throwing things and drama drama drama has all accumulated and come down to this one day we have been waiting for. I sure hope it isn't anti-climatic only to see her get a slap on the wrist. If they are going to postpone I hope she leaves the country permanently and problem solved.

628 days ago


Are her "lips and leggings" going to have their own Counsel? Is Dina going to be in court???

628 days ago


An Upper Respiratory Infection and smoking? dumb. And why does she need her mother with her? She's 25 years old and looks 45.

628 days ago


Has the LA Hazmat team been immobilised for the "Arrival"??

628 days ago


Single? Looking for interracial love? Then whatever you do, do NOT go to InterracialFishes.c`o`m. One can only suppose, from their constant spamming of message boards, that this is a horrific website, otherwise they would advertise like other dating sites instead of hijacking these comments all the damn time!

628 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Monster Mother From Merrick and Lying Lindsay drunk dailing poor Shawn all night.

628 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

If it wasn't for Lindsay there would only be smart girls.
Phishie from Philly

628 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

I hate her.

628 days ago


Lindsay is a woman/child. Certain parts of her are certainly a woman but a lot of her is still a child. Bringing mommy along as her security blanket is very much child like. When she doesn't get her way she throws tantrums which is very child like. She screws guys for money like a woman but doesn't like being alone like a child. She lies like a child that's been caught with their hand in a cookie jar. She spends, travels and parties like a woman but cries like a child when she does wrong and is caught. Lindsay will never grow up, she is caught in Limbo. They should just put Lindsay in a Orphanage and be done with it.

628 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Lindz and Lohan Inc. like to talk and act tough and talk a lot of smack, but deep down inside, they're just a bunch of fcukin looser pssuys.

I know it won't happen, but I'm hopin Steph, sends her azz to jail today.

628 days ago
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