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Justin Bieber

Going to the Dark Side

2/4/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


There's something different about Justin Bieber lately ... and we're not talking about marijuana. We've uncovered a motive behind JB's new crew, and it's simple -- he wants to be Black. Calm down! We'll explain.

Plus, the luckiest guy on Earth -- aka the guy who kissed Bar Refaeli in that Super Bowl commercial -- joins us to talk about what it was like ... and whether the ad gives ugly dudes a bad rap.

And, is it time for Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger to hang it up when it comes to action movies? The writing is on the box office wall, but will the aging stars take the hint?

(0:00) Justin Bieber is desperately trying to be ... well ... something he's not. Harvey and Charles explain how his continued crazy behavior is taking down a dangerous path.
(10:00) Bar Refaeli's Go Daddy commercial has some people up in arms -- so we talk to the so-called out of her league actor that she makes out with in the ad (Jesse Heiman) to get his two cents on the subject.
(18:00) Lindsay Lohan has made paying Shawn Holley back her top priority -- and it could be because she's desperate to get her guardian angel back.
(24:00) Chris Brown has been let off the hook by Frank Ocean -- but does Frank have ulterior motives going into the Grammys?
(29:00) Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone's movies tanked this weekend -- are people sick of old dudes playing action stars?
(32:00) Christina Aguilera's ex-husband FINALLY starts moving out of their old house.
(34:30) Rachel Uchitel's baby is a model now -- and Mike and Dax are ready to put their newborns to work after hearing how much the kid makes an hour.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(42:00) Justin Bieber's fans attack TMZ via Twitter ... you gotta hear some of these!

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I am no longer taking ANY responsibility for anything I do because I am a victim of bad influences! This kid is a little a-hole, somebody needs to knock him down a peg or two.

623 days ago


I think that the emphasis shouldn't be on Justin hanging with the "bad black guys" but that he needs better company... But they really hate that he is white and that they think that black bad influences are bringing him down and not white influences. Everybody knows that blacks are responsible for the whole world going to hell and not the bastards in power who are running the country for us all (and I don't mean Obama either you racist people).

623 days ago


Omg Charles is so annoying interrupting Harvey

623 days ago


ummm sizzurp is alcohol and cough syrup mixed just wanted to correct the shows mistake

622 days ago


regarding JB, I personally think that his new "friends" are using him, and Justin willing to please them and be like them, let's them borrow his stuff. He's just a kid, I wonder how his mother feels about this.

622 days ago


You are SO missing the point with the commercial with Bar Rafalli and that guy (Josh?) I see it as SMART putting down BEAUTIFUL, because clearly you can BUY beauty. (Do you think she'd be with him otherwise?) Steve Jobs and Bill Gates could have the way, love your shirt today, Harvey!

622 days ago

bill haight    

Unless you want to see Justin totally ruin his life his handlers better get him away from rappers there going to destroy him on purpose and wreck his cars because they won't be held liable Justin will be and they get away with his handlers better get there head straight or there going to be out of a job and the young mans career will be over and those rapper will laugh about it because its what they do get him away from them please.

622 days ago


LOL First off Not all black people do drugs & do bad ****! This article is soo racist! Justin beiber is old enough to say no to drugs if thats the case, but i guarentee if justin beiber was hangin out with white people gettn high of COCAINE & PERKS, YOU PEOPLE WOULDNT SAY ****! WHITE PEOPLE LOVE TO HATE ON BLACK PEOPLE BUT TO BE US SOOOOOO BAD! SMH **** HONKEY ASS TMZ!

621 days ago

Lance tipps    

I use to like TMZ ..But this Justin Bieber story was so Racist I don't think I will watch or support anything TMZ ever again..You have disrespected millions black people that don't identify with the hip hop life style

621 days ago


TMZ IS RAN BY A RACIST!!! IM ASHAMED OF YA!! BLACK IS EVERYTHING BAD HUH??? NOTHING WHITE CAN POSSIBLY BE BAD HUH?? Harvey Levin you will get yours since HATE is what u like to spread... S/O to all the happy COONS u have workin with u starving for camera time I guess you'll trade anything to be slightly known or let a white man disrespect ur culture with stereotypes

621 days ago



621 days ago



621 days ago

Ricard Tansey    

Man is slowlyt killing him self with greed,the instinct that is 40 million year old enermy, cell phone's dirrecty, dish tv etc,there called emf are toxin's that and the 75,000 toxins in 60 ytears ,people just dont care know or under stand the pancreus is getting more and more cancer and tecknolidgy, is not helping .We are to vested in it to stop, look it up

570 days ago


Who wants to pay to be black?! wtf disgusting. He's a loser and I hope he fails at life real soon.

229 days ago
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