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LIPsay Lohan

Lookin' Swell

2/7/2013 7:55 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0207_lindsay_lohan_article_2With her ginger tentacle weave in full effect, a gorgeous Lindsay Lohan arrived freshly plumped to an amfAR event kicking off Fashion Week in NYC on Wednesday.

Well, at least she didn't give the judge any lip last week.



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u iz a cutiepie    

I am starting to feel sorry for her.

And Imagine after living on her own all these years from mansions to condos and now back to LI. That has got to suck hairy ballz

622 days ago

Suzy Q     

I just read a few back pages of comments and want to bump a couple of my favorites ones for your recomsumption pleasure. ______________________________


I think My Cousin Heller has an appointment on the 8th to have his rabbit's foot dry cleaned. Or deep-fried. Or something.


You could wet them lips and stick her to a wall.

622 days ago

Hot Farts    

I echo what celebitchy says:

AT NO POINT did her business managers or financial people suggest that she put some money away? Or that she invest it wisely? Or that she even buy some real estate? Think of it this way – I’m not rich nor am I poor, but I have made much wiser investments than Lindsay. I have a mortgage and some money socked away, and I have very little debt. I wouldn’t trade my life for hers at all.

622 days ago


This is really a terrible picture of her last night:

622 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I always start to feel a little sorry for her every time she is in big trouble, even though she deserves what she gets.

622 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Wonder what Lindsays little friend is talking about??

That Madonna Girl‏@ThatMadonnaGirl

throw money at the problem


622 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Luv and GC did you see this video from last night?

In the begining she's working out a deal with two clients (watch the one guys face)

Girls walk by and you can see the jealousy in her face.

The way she looks around like she is scouting out something.

Can't sit still, ect

622 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

@ Luv, she has no invites to any of the shows, so you wont she her out till after 11pm when she tries to crash partys.

I'm sure by now every party has a NO Lindsay Lohan with security.

622 days ago

Hot Farts    

Breaking news:

Eonline! Maddy Pusey 5:45 pm 2/7/13

It has been revealed by sources close to the embattled ex-starlet that Lilo buys her hair by the yard at Michaels craft store. Witnesses to her shopping and checking out say that she also had craft glue.

Many who were asked to comment said that she should consider cutting 5 ft off of her passe, unnatural, outdated dirty locks. When asked for a response to these comments Lilo said: "it's not my fault, I didnt do anything".

622 days ago


Lindsay Lohan Achieves Sad New Low With Roommate From Hell

It seems like every few months the tabloids declare that Lindsay Lohan has officially hit rock bottom. In fact, the image I included in this post blares that very statement -- and sadly, it's from 2009. She hasn't exactly cleaned up her act since then, and if the rumors about her current living situation are true, things are continuing to spiral downhill for Lohan in an alarming fashion.

The thing about rock bottoms is that they're sort of a moving target: things can almost always get worse when you're on a self-destructive path. And truly, the only person who can identify a rock bottom is the person experiencing it -- that's usually the defining moment when someone decides to try and turn their life around. So for those still hoping Lindsay Lohan will pull out of her tailspin, maybe the fact that she's had to move back in with her mom Dina Lohan will be the (one millionth) wake-up call she's needed.

Word on the street is that Lohan is in a dire financial straits since the IRS froze her bank accounts in December due to $233,904 in unpaid taxes. She's not exactly raking in the cash these days as an actress, and couldn't swing the $8,000-a-month rent for her Beverly Hills home. Multiple reports say she's now living in Long Island, NY with her mom Dina.

According to one of those oft-quoted "source":

For the past three months that has been her home base. Dina has been trying to get her to move home for years so she can keep a close eye on her. She didn’t want her in L.A. anymore. Not only is she in New York now, she’s in the next room.

If this is true, well, there's no shame in relying on family to help you through a tough financial situation. **** happens, right? But we're not talking about a young person who suddenly lost their job and needs some support getting back on her feet -- we're talking about Lindsay Lohan, who's reportedly blown MILLIONS on ... god only knows. Worse, this isn't some loving family member ready to shower her in helpful advice, this is DINA LOHAN. This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the single worst roommate Lindsay Lohan could possibly have right now.

Except maybe Michael Lohan. Yeah, actually, that would probably be worse. (Did you know he once tweeted that Lindsay has HIV? My god, he's a class act.)

I've long given up on predicting that Lindsay Lohan's current troubles will be bad enough for her to get help. I don't know what, if anything, can possibly entice her to change her life and maybe reclaim her shot at the career she once seemed destined for, but it's got to feel pretty bad to be living with her mom. On the other hand, I'm sure Dina has some nice distracting partying and drugs in mind for her dear daughter, whose welfare she clearly cares so much about.

Do you think there's any chance that Lindsay living with Dina Lohan is a good thing?

622 days ago


New Thread.

622 days ago


The picture gallery of her lips (and teeth) through the years is extremely disheartening.. WTF kind of drugs was she taking to make her teeth seperate, let alone finally turn brown? And who the hell let her out of the house that day her teeth were brown and then do a step-and-repeat? She was such a lovely girl circa-Mean Girls. I do hope the best for her eventually.

622 days ago

Rogue Warrior    


FaCToId gott roll!!!

In The meanTime, qUIt TaKiNg thE DoucHes out of your Azzzes aNd PuttIng Them In Your MOuths. The StencH coMes ThroUGh in Your Posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


621 days ago

Rogue Warrior    


621 days ago


Yes she is indeed

621 days ago
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