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Chris Brown

You Be the Judge

2/9/2013 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208-chris-brown-rihanna-tmzChris Brown is on the hot seat after the L.A. County D.A. filed legal docs claiming he phonied most of the community service he was required to perform in the Rihanna beating case. So we gotta ask ...



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If he does not get prison time then I would think the judiciary system is corrupted since it would be obvious he paid somebody off. I think the chief of police should be his cell buddies for helping him!

561 days ago

Me Too    

If anyone says leave Chris alone he's done his time, take a look on the website Smoking Gun. They have a photo of Rhianna in the hospital after he beat her- a different photo than the ones I had seen on the news before. How sad she would think so low of herself that she'd go back to him.

561 days ago


TSK, TSK, to poster name "What" I guess you think its alright to act like Chris (womanbeaterbeater/troublestarting) brown. Reality Check needed.

561 days ago


I think she's being stupid not because he beat her in the past; but because i really don't get the impression that he isn't there in the same place emotionally , towards her, that she is towards him. But, alas, in every relationship there is the one who is kissed and the one who does the kissing :)

561 days ago


Hi -

Chris Brown's future is NOT in any of our hands. People can ride their self-righteous high horses until they collapse. When all is said and done, the outcome for Chris isn't our call.

Only GOD is perfect and He's the most High Judge...

Rather than condemning Rihanna and Chris - people that are so concerned about
domestic violence can engage in the worthwhile exercise of volunteering at domestic violence organizations and even taking their children to learn about some of the experiences and how to help victims.

Trespassing on Rihanna and Chris isn't doing anything truly meaningful to help
those who are in the grips of domestic violence or those who have escaped and
need support - financially and otherwise.

Get off Rihanna's and Chris' cases and get on cases of what will make vital differences for those folks who suffer deeply - on the regular.

For real, that's a worthwhile and deeply meaningful idea.

561 days ago


If he lied about the community service,I think they should give him double community service time.I doubt he'll beat her again because he lost a lot from it.But he will probably continue being dumb and falling into fights/arguments he didn't start.

561 days ago


I am a little surprised at the survey results. It just goes to show how quickly a star can fall. Chris had a chance to prove he could change ... but he failed miserably. Flunking a drug test, being involved in fights, having public anger outbursts and getting back together with his victim proves he hasn't changed.

If Chris did fake his CSO, then his probation should be revoked, and he should go to jail. It's nothing personal; it's just the way the system works. You either fulfill the conditions of your probation and learn your lesson, or you laugh at it and don't take it seriously. He chose the latter and got caught.

561 days ago

DB Parrish    

If any every day 'joe' didn't comply with the courts they would be hauled to jail immediately....
But let any celebrity - flash the cash and plea to their listeners, and they go on living their lives as if everything's o.k.
Time he did the time...long time...double the amount because he's NEVER COMPLIED!

561 days ago


Typical Obama voter. Almos 50 years of lying and cheating gubbermint white men fo' dey slavery reparations dollah.

561 days ago

She's baaaack    

They deserve each other. Two narcissistic famewhores. It isn't over with Chris yet. She might have to shoot him next time.

561 days ago


**** you tmz i wonder how you guys would feel if this was going on with you instead of chris but the difference is no one would give to **** if you cought died just STFU you basterd

561 days ago


Chris Brown needs to be put in jail so he can get the help he so obviously needs.
Those who aided and abetted Chris in faking his community service need to be prosecuted.
Mark Geragos needs to be disbarred.
RiRi needs to her family to have her kidnapped into help just like a cult victim. Unless she's into the violence.
The DA in charge of the case needs to quit throwing Chris Brown favors like allowing his family and friends keep track of his community service.

561 days ago


It is always sad when a thug with talent never looses the thug in him. Imagine how successful he would be if he was not a woman beater and a bully.

561 days ago


Harvey never liked Chris Brown. He has some kinda vendetta against this guy. If Chris donated all of his money to domestic shelters, etc., and came out as gay or a monk, Harvey still wouldn't like him

560 days ago


These 2 ghetto fab morons will both go down in flames. It's just a matter of time.
Money does not buy you brains or morals.

560 days ago
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