TMZ Live Christopher Dorner Surveillance Video Clues

TMZ Live

The surveillance video of cop killer Christopher Dorner buying scuba gear gave police some important clues before they caught up with Dorner in a Big Bear, CA cabin. We'll tell you what authorities learned after we posted the video. 

Plus, Mel Gibson angrily fielded a question about Pope Benedict XVI retiring -- but Mel might have had an ulterior motive ... involving his female dinner guest. Hmm ... 

Also, Katherine Webb actually THANKS Brent Musburger for launching her career -- and now that we've seen her S.I. swimsuit spread ... we'd like to thank Brent too!TMZLive-Download-Podcast-Graphic
(0:00) Christopher Dorner is involved in a shootout with cops -- and is now surrounded. We'll tell you how our video of him buying oxygen tanks may tie in his master plan.
(10:00) Mel Gibson nearly goes off the rails at a photographer ... until he's asked about the pope. You gotta see this video of Mel on the brink of a rage fit.
(14:15) Angelina Jolie's daughter Vivienne Jolie is already making BANK as an actress.
(18:00) Another person dies from a heart attack after becoming a regular at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas -- the owner calls in to try to defend his restaurant.
(24:00) Justin Timberlake goes off on the media at his comeback concert on Sunday ... Mike has an idea why he's so mad.
(28:00) Katherine Webb THANKS Brent Musburger for ogling her at the BCS Championship game -- and after seeing her SI spread ... we thank him too.
(32:00) Kobe Bryant takes a stand against homophobic slurs.
(34:00) The chief of police in the middle of the Chris Brown community service fiasco steps down.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(40:00) Dogs may be even smarter than you think ... and we'll tell you why.