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Octomom's Ex-Nanny

Calls Child Services


2/17/2013 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0215-nadya-suleman-tmz Octomom got ANOTHER visit from the L.A. Dept. of Child and Family Services last week ... to investigate allegations she's a drug-addicted wreck, not fit to raise her brood ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Nadya Suleman tell TMZ ... DCFS arrived at Octo's home Saturday night after a former nanny complained that Octo has been using drugs, drinking heavily, blacking out, forgetting key appointments (i.e. the bus incident), leaving the kids unbathed for days and not changing their clothes for weeks.

We're told DCFS made Octo aware of the allegations against her, searched the home and asked a mountain of questions regarding the situation. DCFS didn't feel there was enough evidence to pull the kids out of the home ASAP ... but we're told the investigation is still pending.

It's not the first time Octo's faced off with DCFS -- in fact, the agency has been over a whole bunch of times ... most recently in April 2012 after her hairstylist complained of horrendous living conditions ... but as usual, officials determined the kids were not in any danger.

As for Octo ... she spent her Valentine's Day stripping for small sums of money.


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Yup. She probably is on drugs. 1st: you'd have to be to do that to yourself (no job, no partner, 14 kids = NUTS) 2nd:She recently failed rehab, she hangs in the porn industry. You could go on for days. Get real, Nadya

578 days ago


" I'm So Sick Of OctoMom " I just wish She " She realize She can't handle all Of all of Those by Herself " . Yes Iknow that She has Good Helpers but " But She Lost All Contol Of Her Life and Those Kids 2 " . So 4 The Love Of God LaDCF Please Thake Those Kids Away OctoMom Please . I know She Loves All Of Her Kids but There Time U got 2 Say I'm Away Over My Head @This Time . If The Kids R spilt Up Please Let The Kids Stay In Contact With Othe @ All Times .

578 days ago


She's selfish!!

578 days ago

Are you kidding me    

When I lived in SoCal, I had a crazy friend get back at me by calling DCFS and telling them wild accusations that I was letting my child eat moldy food off the floor (I had a damn housekeeper at the time, there was never any food anywhere!) They told me the third time they came out that it was a good thing the 2nd visit wasn't do***ented because they would be obliged to AUTOMATICALLY take the children out of the home. But this nut has how many visits and still gets to keep her kids because she's a quasi-celebrity? WTH is wrong with people!

578 days ago


Child services won't do anything until one of Octoslut's science experiments finally drowns in the toilet. Then all the wringing of hands - why not do something sooner etc etc. Incompetent f'g idiots.

578 days ago


It's not like foster care would be a better situation for those kids and they would be all split up and more expensive for taxpayers

578 days ago


Frankie G. would have cleaned the kids while she had a beer.

578 days ago


Jaw dropping WOW!

578 days ago


She needs to unburden taxpayers and leave the US.

578 days ago


This is another system of government that started with good intentions that is broken but primarily due to lack of funding and enormous caseloads making these departments horribly over burdened and terribly managed. The horror stories of Ga's DFACS have made national news, but most not due to indifference or neglect by DFACS workers but caused by each of them having an impossible number of cases to keep track of. They work long hours, go into dangerous neighborhoods, and get paid squat. And the only time you hear about them is when a decision they made goes wrong. I can't imagine that job. So the Sullemon kids are in a nice home, they all look well fed, the mom is not having to take care of them alone, the kids are not bruised or showing signs of sexual abuse, I assume the kid's teachers aren't reporting any red flags, and this is probably one of the better homes child welfare goes into. What would you have them do? Remove these kids when I guarantee you they have kids in a lot more dangerous environments. And foster care is no guarantee that these kids are going to have a better life. Actually theres a good chance their lives and attitudes will deteriorate. If Nadya had given up the last babies for adoption that would have been their chance but reality had not kicked in for her yet. Now Im not sure there is anyone clamering to adopt those 8. We know this is an approaching train wreck but as with most train wrecks, Im not sure it can be prevented.

578 days ago


How come this nasty whore still hasn't had her children taken away from her.

578 days ago


578 days ago


The system at its best..

578 days ago


I don't understand you people, you complain that you don't want the kids on tax payers money but yet is so quick to have hetr kids tookem from her, for what? are you a perfect mom? ( hell no) no one is, but yet she's trying to do herbest raiseing them 14 kids a lone, so what she's getting food stamps, at least there not in the streets, abused, are dead, she did not put them kids there, but she's getting punished like she did, what do you want her to do?..will it make you all happy to see them kids seperated from there mother?..would you like your children tooken a way from you? ..? to me she need to stop putting her trust in people cause at the end of the day, they are only around her to slander her name, to getvin the public eye, she went throuhh enough, by belittleing het self to take care of them, leave her a lone, be fore the woman snap on stress issues, its not your problem, its hers, the tax payers money is helping thosev innocent kids

578 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

There is probably a grain of truth to the nanny's accusations but one thing that interests me is if she was the nanny why then did the kids not have their clothes changed for weeks? She doesn't sound real on the ball.

578 days ago
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