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Alec Baldwin vs. Photog

Racial Slur Controversy

2/18/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Alec Baldwin's confrontation with a NY Post reporter and a photographer has really blown up -- accusations of racial epithets, cops called, and a politician's even getting involved. NY State Senator Malcolm Smith joined us to explain why he wants Baldwin blacklisted in Hollywood.

Plus, Forest Whitaker was humiliated at NYC deli when he was accused of shoplifting and then publicly frisked -- so we talk to the owner of the deli ... whose honest approach at dealing with the situation could be a lesson to all.

And, Justin Bieber's fans go in HARD on The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney -- some are even hurling homophobic slurs ... as Carney amps up his Twitter with JB!   

(0:00) Forest Whitaker was humiliated at an NYC market when he was accused of shoplifting and then frisked in public. We talk to Milano Market owner Anthony Galofaro ... who handles the situation like a pro.
(10:00) Alec Baldwin is accused of attacked another photographer -- only difference is this time he allegedly used a bunch of racial slurs. Senator Malcolm Smith calls in to explain why he thinks Alec should be banned from television.
(18:00) Rihanna is injured when a clubgoer attacks her for getting back with Chris Brown ... which is a bit hypocritical, don't you think?
(21:00) Britney Spears mystery man ... WHO IS HE??????
(23:00) Kris Humphries is willing to miss NBA playoff games so he can go to court against Kim Kardashian. Seriously?
(27:00) Adrienne Maloof says reality television ruined her family ... and no one is surprised.
(30:00) The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney incites Justin Bieber's fans -- and their extremely homophobic response shows how awful they are.
(33:00) Brendan Fraser has to pay his ex-wife close ONE MILLION dollars a month.
(35:00) The floor is yours!
(40:00) Sting sings karaoke at a bar!

No Avatar


Happy President's Day to my fellow American neighbours.
I see they are on about Karstoogians again. Funny how no post has appeared about Khloe getting the axe from X-Factor. Wow, go figure huh?

589 days ago


I think that Deli pulled a class act move. I like how they are reaching out to Forest to find out his favorite charity and make a donation. Been forever since I've heard of an establishment that cops to a mistake then makes up for it in a very giving way.

589 days ago


I'm not going to listen again to Harvey talking about how dumb Kris jH. Is for not giving Kim her divorce so
I'll skip this propaganda for today.

589 days ago


Nice to see a NY Senator has time out of his busy schedule to call into TMZ live. There's your hard earned tax dollars workin' for your benefit, pfffttttt.

589 days ago


I want to know EXACTLY how TMZ knows that Hump is going to skip the playoffs to show up for his court case. You don't, do you, you just pulling bullshyte out of your azzes to make Kris look like a chump. Guess what, Kimmykakes IS NOT A VICTIM you idiots. She's a spoiled little princess that expects the whole world to drop to their knees. Just wait till the first time that Kanye tells her "NO" we'll then get the smear campaign all the time on Kanye.

589 days ago


TMZ is a man world men everywhere

589 days ago


Does anyone really buy any of that TMZ stuff?

589 days ago


Will the liberal press will go after a fire-breathing liberal like Baldwin or will he magically get a pass from them?

589 days ago

Wow ...    

FFS, can't believe I am tuning in after Billy Bob story. But now that I see the line up....
TMZ - WTH is wrong with you? You are going to defend Kim K AGAIN but not discuss Mindy McCready, despite it being the most commented article on your site. I'm out!

589 days ago


Adrienne Maloof and all those Real Housewives and Basketball hos shouldn't be getting air time. The only thing that TMZ is doing is rewarding incredibly bad behaviour by adults. Then again, let's put the Karstoogians up on a pedestal. Geez, what was I thinking?

589 days ago


I wonder how many people stops comeing to TMZ because of Kim Kardashian she is so hated I know I have and then I come back bu t play candy crush with he talks about trash family

589 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Mike has deli on his mind now look at him pacing in the background.

589 days ago


I'm trying to figure out what happened to innocent until proven guilty. Anyone can say someone else hurled a racial slur at them, doesn't mean it's happened. If there was a photog and a reporter how come nothing was caught on tape?

589 days ago


ALEC Nutcase Baldwin was wrong in using that word,but blacks need to stop using that word too,you have to respect yourself if you want people to respect you

589 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Where's Raquel ?

589 days ago
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