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Rihanna & Chris

Thumbs Up From Evelyn Lozada

2/19/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Rihanna's reunion with Chris Brown has now been endorsed by another domestic violence victim ... Evelyn Lozada. RiRi's been taking a lot of heat for getting back with a man who beat her -- so why does Evelyn approve? She joined us to explain.

Plus, Oscar Pistorius lays out his version of events the night he shot his girlfriend -- and claims it was not premeditated murder -- but Harvey's found a MAJOR hole in his story.

Also, could Michael Phelps constantly hook up with 10s if her weren't an Olympian? This topic gets way more heated than it should -- and everyone in the newsroom loses their minds ... over dessert. You gotta see it.

(0:00) Evelyn Lozada -- a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Chad Ochocinco -- says she understands why Chris Brown and Rihanna got back together. Harvey takes serious issue with it ... so Evelyn calls in to explain.
(10:00) Creepy new recordings between the guys who allegedly wanted to murder Justin Bieber have been released.
(14:00) Britney Spears' mystery man -- identified!
(18:00) Oscar Pistorius has a major hole in his murder case ... Harvey explains.
(23:00) President Obama and Tiger Woods played a round of golf together ... but more importantly ... have you seen the new Krispy Kreme Oreo doughnuts??? The newsroom loses their minds.
(27:00) Alec Baldwin's "30 Rock" cast mate Tracy Morgan sounds off on Alec's alleged use of the c-word ... and there's something Tracy says that really has everyone's attention.
(31:00) Michael Phelps ... could he pull hot chicks if he weren't an Olympian?
(33:00) Kim Kardashian says Khloe isn't on the chopping block at "X Factor."
(35:00) The floor is yours!
(40:00) ASU ... at war over porn website!

No Avatar


If you have no legs, the first thing you do is call for help. Or reach for your girlfriend and tell her to stay put while you put your legs's not like you just spring out of bed.

576 days ago


Skyper is a idiot.

576 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Mike's so excited he can't speak.

576 days ago


If Pistorius got out of bed without his legs wouldn't he have shot lower than a head shot .

576 days ago


Americans are always talking about food even during sex :)

576 days ago


Grizzly Adams is alive and well and working at TMZ>

576 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

three dozen? There's Fat Mike covered... what about the rest of TMZ staff?

576 days ago


Is Harvey too J to spring for the donuts......

576 days ago


You're sweaty because you are a big FATASS carting around twice the amount of weight that you can handle.

576 days ago


OMG you guys are idiots, having an orgasm over donuts. Very professional.

576 days ago


Harvey, I learned in my English speaking class that it is "Lying in bed" not "Laying in bed" A chicken can be "laying" eggs but she can only be lying in bed. Another thing is it's not laying on the beach. It's lying on the beach.
I'm not trying to be this genius but as super educated lawyers at TMZ etc. you must have heard this in your English 101 class. Or am I wrong? I'm just learning English myself and you're confusing me.

576 days ago


Majestik was right. What a stupid story?

576 days ago


Who the f*ck is Evelyn and why the sh*t should anyone care about her opinion? We have our opinion and that's that, a nobody is not going to change it or matter. If Rihanna's dumb@ss wants to be with a person that doesn't give a f*ck about her, has a chick on the side, (that he was actually with before they even got back together), oh and want to be with a guy that beat the living sh*t out of her, then f*ck her, let her be with the douche. But I don't want to hear any b*tching or whining about it when he beats her @ss again. Another thing is, she needs to stfu about it and keep her relationship private, otherwise you are making it everyone's business you dumb@ss b*tch, stfu or stop complaining. BYE!

576 days ago


Someone explain why Harvey is such a health nut and regular patron of the gym and he's NOT encouraging better eating habits of his OBESELY OVERWEIGHT STAFF.

576 days ago


Evan their donuts not bagels.....

576 days ago
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