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Rihanna & Chris

Thumbs Up From Evelyn Lozada

2/19/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Rihanna's reunion with Chris Brown has now been endorsed by another domestic violence victim ... Evelyn Lozada. RiRi's been taking a lot of heat for getting back with a man who beat her -- so why does Evelyn approve? She joined us to explain.

Plus, Oscar Pistorius lays out his version of events the night he shot his girlfriend -- and claims it was not premeditated murder -- but Harvey's found a MAJOR hole in his story.

Also, could Michael Phelps constantly hook up with 10s if her weren't an Olympian? This topic gets way more heated than it should -- and everyone in the newsroom loses their minds ... over dessert. You gotta see it.

(0:00) Evelyn Lozada -- a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Chad Ochocinco -- says she understands why Chris Brown and Rihanna got back together. Harvey takes serious issue with it ... so Evelyn calls in to explain.
(10:00) Creepy new recordings between the guys who allegedly wanted to murder Justin Bieber have been released.
(14:00) Britney Spears' mystery man -- identified!
(18:00) Oscar Pistorius has a major hole in his murder case ... Harvey explains.
(23:00) President Obama and Tiger Woods played a round of golf together ... but more importantly ... have you seen the new Krispy Kreme Oreo doughnuts??? The newsroom loses their minds.
(27:00) Alec Baldwin's "30 Rock" cast mate Tracy Morgan sounds off on Alec's alleged use of the c-word ... and there's something Tracy says that really has everyone's attention.
(31:00) Michael Phelps ... could he pull hot chicks if he weren't an Olympian?
(33:00) Kim Kardashian says Khloe isn't on the chopping block at "X Factor."
(35:00) The floor is yours!
(40:00) ASU ... at war over porn website!

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Evelyn Ladoza said "you know"500075 times. But she is also an absolute moron and needs a therapist.

609 days ago


With all the media attention Chris and Rhianna are bringing towards domestic violence, I'm a little surprised at all the emphasis put onto Chris needing to "change". Women who suffer from domestic violence also need change and therapy. So many woman out there believe they sees we've the abuse and are undeserving of a loving "normal" relationship. Celebrity women encouraging women to go back into abusive relationships al long as the man gets the help HE needs is just sad and delusional.

609 days ago


this thing with chris brown is getting very very tired now!!!! its not our call y rhianna is back with him!!! only she knows y ..we donot know what really happened that night despite the photos we saw .rhianna knows there is more to the story and that's y she is back with him!!! we woman start swiinging when we think we r gettin played and then he wanted to drop her off to boot!!! she wasnt having that he tried to drop her off because of the whole phone text thing she seen on his phone and she wasnt having it. 1 thing led to the next in the car, they both was drinking that night and blows ws thrown on both ends and now the whole world has a very very bad look at chris brown...he never told that she hit him first becuz it would be wussy so instead he took all the blame !!!it was abuse on both ends which is not right on him or her!!! he has been holding this in and thats y he got upset on (GMA) and threw the chair becuz he doesnt wanna go into detail . He is still very young and has alot of time to grow and to correct his mistakes...Rhianna knows the truth and she knows she pushed the actions that was taken as some of woman do and thats y she is back with the him she loves him.. and we all know she loves roughness it has been said she and chris trashed hotel rooms becuz of rough and intense love making...the girl knows what she wants and we the world should let them be it is her life. Evelyn knows the deal thats y she said what she said look at her situation she found a condom wrapper or something I know she went up side chads head !!! i would at pamela lee and tommy lee ,I even heard sharon osborne say on the talk that she and ozzy had fights but he was on drugs at the time well chris and rhianna had drinks and more than likely weed!!! I know both didnot mean the outcome!!!! . I donot stand for domestic violence when it is done intentional but if drugs or alcohol is involved i believe its the habit that needs to be treated to eliminate the outcome of peoples actions...No matter what the law does in these cases it's only GOD that will have the last say and he will handle these situations how he sees fit and we should not take upon ourselves to interfare with that..

609 days ago

Miss SStar    

My comment on chris

609 days ago

Miss SStar    

My comment an and Rihanna. I don't condone domestic violence but it 2 sides to a story. punched m my boyfriend befo that doesn't mean I'm by I'm violent . Rihann like it ha I believ see see like rough sex awe

609 days ago

Miss SStar    

and Ch ar are freaks I believ they they both like i like it rough a for rihanna being a role model too young girl how? When all she talk about is sex.

608 days ago


Hello TMZ! I totally disagree with lady speaking on Rihanna. I have been in abusive relationships. They both have a

608 days ago


Evelyn says "you know" waaaaay too much, and there is no excuse to hit a woman, let alone beat the crap out of one. To say Chris Brown has changed is ridiculous (you either have morals or don't). He (Chris Brown) has been in all kinds of violent altercations in the past years in between the Rihanna beatdown and now. Ridiculous. Also, talent does save CB from being a stinking pile of overplayed garbage.

608 days ago


You guys are getting far too judgemental...and preachy. Lay off Rihanna and Chris Brown. It's getting DULL.

608 days ago

K Luckey     

First of all that situation happened when Chris was a teenager second it didn't happen 4 hours or 4 months ago it happened over 4 years ago people can change Harvey we don't know there whole situation they been working on this for a while now give it a chance .....

608 days ago


Chris and Rerunna are hood rats. they live by the thug code. bitch gets out of line, it's ass kickin' time. it's acceptable and required. the men and women both know it. respect is one way - the boyz way. in there world nothing happened wrong. if he had done nothing his homies would have kicked his ass.

608 days ago


But seriously. Aren't there more serious things happening? It's her life! Leave her and him alone. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. I wish some of y'all would make a mistake and it become an international concern. Then have to deal with people questioning your worth. The white dude is too much. Go and jerk or some ass.

608 days ago


White men are the biggest hypocrites on the planet, nobody listens to them. What about Charlie Sheen, Shawn Penn, Mel Gibson or even John Lennon?. These people received the same backlash? Lol. Shut up.

602 days ago


I applaude CSI for doing a story that resembles the Rihanna & Chris Brown story. Im a survivor of a very violent marriage and every minute there is someone critcally or fatally hurt by domestic violence is a very big problem. It was stated that Ria

599 days ago


by Rihanna shte didnt ask u or want to be or of as a role model . Well sorry your in the business that makes you automatically become one whether I wanted t o be or not. Your sending the wrong message to impressionsble young people that you approve of another person mistreating you and its ok .. ITS NOT OK! I sure hope parents who have young impressionable children who idolize Rhianna talk to them about the truth about domestic and dating violence . Im a compassionate person but if any one dares to act improperrly towards me there gone & no second chances. These people don't change and its not as easy as people think to leave types of relationships a nd sometimes die doing so. Dont ever stay in or go back to someone who is violent twards you. There is someone better out there for you trust me I didn't think so either but that's just because my ex kept saying it over and over so I wouldn't leave. It may take awhile but Iwas so lucky to have found someone w ho treats me like I should be treated and am very happy.

599 days ago
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