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And Care for My Brood!

2/21/2013 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is chill these days, because she's getting baked goods delivered and getting a little baked herself ... all while she cares for her 14 kids ... sources tell TMZ.

Sources connected to Octo tell us ... Nadya is the proud owner of a medical marijuana card -- we're told for anxiety. And get this ... she got the card 2 days after leaving rehab for Xanax addiction.

The marijuana she consumes is primarily embedded in cookies and other bakery products. We're told Nadya ingests the pot both at home and on the road during appearances. 

We're told Octo -- who considers herself primarily responsible for the well-being of her kids -- believes the children are NOT at risk even when she's not all there. And speaking of not there ... we're told Octo does not get high when the nannies are around, meaning she's the only one in the house caring for the kids.

So ... the question. Can a parent temporarily check out by using pot when they have more than a dozen kids ... or is it NEVER OK?



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Physical Graffiti    

How is it any different than alcohol? I'm sticking up for pot, not her.

606 days ago


She should put those poor kids up for adoption. Or as many as it takes for her to get a grip.

606 days ago


I don't think that smoking weed is all that big of a deal. If you're gonna be on a drug, it's safer to be on marijuana than it is to be on Xanax. That is just my opinion. Obviously, there is an ongoing debate about federal legalization of the drug, so others may not agree with me. Octomom lives in a state that has state legalization and since she has a perscription card, she is legally allowed to obtain marijuana as one could obtain Xanax. Having said that, I voted "Reckless" because anything that Nadya Suleman does is reckless. Popping out 8 kids at once when you already have 4 kids of mixed abilities and then deciding that the best way to afford all of the differently abled children is to strip and do porn. So I do not think it is wise for her to get stoned. She's already retarded enough.

606 days ago

my 2 cents    

Be nice to Octo ! Otherwise, someday that little army of hers will invade TMZ headquarters.

606 days ago


Does Medi-Cal pay for her medical marijuana (very expensive) or do food stamps?? Or maybe the SSI for the little ones pay for it...or welfare for the kids?? How can she afford it...may be why the fridge was bare except for pizza and water just delivered for the kids...UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

606 days ago


One other little thought...what if the kids need something and she is stoned...she cannot legally drive while on marijuana?? Why would she do it when she is alone vs when a nanny or friend is present in the event of an emergency????? CRAZY!!!

606 days ago


Let's face it!!! Nothing is going to be done about this situation until one or more of her children are either severely injured or killed. Nadya Suleman has certainly made some "questionable" choices; however, using weed to "ZONE OUT" while she's alone with 14 small children seems rather "SUPER STUPID"!!! Furthermore, she's not thinking about the possibility of an "EMERGENCY SITUATION" occurring in which her ability to "THINK CLEARLY" could mean the difference between "LIFE OR DEATH"!!! I can understand her need to "RELAX" but perhaps she should utilize the techniques she demonstrated in her "MASTURBATION VIDEO"!!! No point in letting such "WHOLESOME" activities go to "WASTE"!!!

606 days ago


She gets the weed in baked goods. Kids love baked goods. Omg I hope this product is kept out of reach the kids. With that many kids in a home there can't be to many safe places to hide something like that. First kid that shows up stoned will be removed. By child welfare. Nadya do you have a clue what being a mom means? The KIDS come FIRST.

606 days ago


atleast her 14 kids could sell weed for her and get her off welfare

606 days ago


I'll never understand why she didn't put her 8 babies up for adoption...I know it would have been a hard decision, but it would have been a selfless act to give those kids a fighting chance at a good life...Cripes she already HAD 6 kids...what a selfish beotch for bringing in so many kids into this world that she can't possibly take care of financially and emotionally!!!

606 days ago



606 days ago


What a disgrace to the human race.

606 days ago


Food stamps now pot head. Must be nice

606 days ago


Stupid whore! Not only is she putting her kids in danger by taking care of them high, shes dumb as **** before she gets high. Also, isn't she on every form of welfare available? Which means the State of California is probably paying for her "medical marijuana" prescriptions.

606 days ago


Nadya doesn't seem to have the concept of putting your kids first. I dont really care if someone choses to strip or do porn but the ways this woman has chosen to make money all bring the focus to HER. She screaming PAY ATTENTION TO ME not my kids. Nadya could do the jobs she went to school and got degrees in but that doesnt give her the attention she seems to crave. All about Nadya. I believe she had the kids to get the attention. It didnt occur to her until it was to late that she would actually have to feed, cloth, teach, support and RAISE the kids. I believe she loves them as much as shes capable but there's not a lot of room left in her heart because she's so in love with herself.

606 days ago
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