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Oscar Pistorius

Chief Investigator Facing

Attempted Murder Charges

2/21/2013 6:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


7:55 AM PT -- Botha is out. Officials in South Africa have appointed a NEW lead investigator in Oscar Pistorius' case.


The Oscar Pistorius case took a dramatic turn Thursday with shades of the O.J. Simpson case ... with a shocking revelation -- the lead investigator is facing attempted murder charges.

Detective Hilton Botha -- who laid out the prosecution's case earlier in the week -- allegedly shot at a minibus in 2011 and criminal charges were filed but dropped due to a lack of evidence.  But then -- 10 days before Reeva Steenkamp was killed -- authorities found new evidence and reinstated the attempted murder charges.

Now the South African prosecutor's association is urging that Botha be booted from the Pistorius case.

Botha -- who is turning out to be the Mark Fuhrman of the case (if you're under 30, Google it) -- did a lousy job under cross-examination by Pistorius' lawyers and that could create problems for the prosecution.

Meanwhile -- the judge asked Pistorius' lawyer a bizarre question which has shades of celebrity justice -- "Do you think there will be some level of shock if the accused is released [on bail]?"  The defense fired back, "I think there will be a level of shock in this country if he is not released."

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No Avatar


Innocent til proven guilty

611 days ago


So this bastard is likely going to get off. What a bunch of s@$

611 days ago


All you sheep always believe what the media tells you, thus creating the monster that's the LAPD and getting Obama reelected for another 4 years.
Think about this. Why did autopsy reports show that her bladder was EMPTY? The prosecutors claim she was so scared that she hid in the bathroom. Okay, so while she was hiding she decided to take a P*SS? And the neighbors who claim to have heard things lived 600 yards away? 600 yards equals 3 NFL football fields. Give me a break. This man is innocent. I understand that clicks = $$, but you're putting an innocent, handicapped man through this horror. It's just disgusting.

611 days ago


As I posted before, very few Americans know the degree of reverse racism, corruption and violence is prevalent in South Africa.

611 days ago


Like a gift from heaven for Oscar. No matter what happens in your trial, you killed her.

611 days ago


And let me remind you all something. Every single one of us will die. Yes, you will die, I will die. In 80 years, every single person here will be dead. Gone, buried, 6ft underground, can't love, can't feel, dead. Decomposing in the ground. So why fear death? So much of our news focuses on so and so dying early, got murdered, etc. WHO CARES.
Is reading TMZ right now the best thing for you to be doing? Are you making the most of your time here on Earth? Listen to me, take a moment and reflect on this. I know your first reaction after reading this is to say some nasty comments to me, but hear me out. Take 10 seconds and think about the moment when you take your last breath, that exact moment when you no longer exist. Now reflect on that.
So how old is Harvey? 70, 80? Is he making the most of his time here on earth? Not only him, but all of us need to reflect on what is important. Life is short, let's take advantage of the time we have.

611 days ago

BB not bb    

In other words is this a set up for Pretorius to get away with it? Isn't Pretoria the capitol of South Afirca? It sounds like a lot of symbolism going on there. Is it going to be considered a matter of pride if a murderer goes free? Maybe they don't like smart beautiful powerful women there. Maybe this is to send a message to help make a transition to sharia law easier. The rest of Africa is falling under it day by day. Maybe they are looking to make inroads to take down this country as well.

You can also compare this to the Roman Polanski trial of the seventies. He was such a big star, no one seemed to care that he raped a thriteen year old little girl under his care. I don't care how great his movies are, it is sickening.

He is scared to come back to this country because he knows he is going to get locked up. He got exiled one way or another. Justice is done one way or another.

611 days ago

Matt H    

The hired PR guru Stuart Higgins is doing a great job for the Defense. It wont hide the fact that OP killed an innocent woman. He must be convicted.

611 days ago


White boy gonna probably go free... Poor white GF, hope she gets some justice.

611 days ago


If they don't want beautiful women to feel safe in South Africa, they should find him not guilty.

611 days ago


At night before I go to bed, I take out my gun and pump the bathroom door with four bullets in case an intruder is in there.

611 days ago


He's totally getting out of this. Bull****.

611 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Well just import a Texan prosecutor. Texas prosecutors really know how to implement maximum punishment. The likes of Hilton Botha sure do come across as incompetent.

611 days ago


sounds ike to me some high powered person over there doesnt want to see their countries olympic hero go to prison so some money is being thrown around to weasle him out of it

611 days ago


This is BULLS H I T!!! He should be jailed, absolutely NO bail and face capital murder! After he shot her he bashed in her skull with a bat! No effing accident, no damn intruder lies!!! HE MURDERED THIS INNOCENT WOMAN!!! BURN IN HELL BASTARD!!!

611 days ago
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