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Oscar Pistorius

You Be the Judge

2/23/2013 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar Pistorius is a free man while his case winds through the legal system of South Africa. Did he get special treatment, and did he murder Reeva Steenkamp? We gotta ask ...


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Its not the rappers or the athletes. Its the money . They get to to much and it goes to their heads and they think there somethin special ... the athletes of old didn't make that much an they never got in trouble.

575 days ago


Karma will get him back. f!cking murder

575 days ago


I'm going with the people who say that Pistorius is less violent than Chris Brown also voted that 1. they believe the intruder defense and 2. If they believe the intruder defense they are believing he is not guilty. Therefore self defense over a history of being guilty of beating his girlfriend and getting into fights. - And usually I'd be the one to jump on the "he's guilty now let's fry him!" bandwagon, but there is something about this case that I can't say I can come to that conclusion this early. I can't even believe I'm saying this but I'm not sure he's guilty.

575 days ago


Now I am by no means a fan of Chris Brown or side with what he did. But to compare him to a man who beat his girlfriends skull in with a bat & shot her dead on Valentines day would be ****ing ludicrous. Hmmm..

575 days ago

BB not bb    

This is a psy op. It is just like the OJ case. They wanted to introduce blind black rage against whites as being normal, this helped usher in Obama and such. Now they want there to be blind rage of males against females. This will usher in Islam and maybe the antichrist.

They can't wait for their mahdi to show up. They are making a bomb trying to nuke Isreal so he will come and give them a virgin or whatever they are dying for.

The whole case is being thrown again, the guilty are being let go, the accused are big celebrities, the innocent are just helpless victims. Maybe this is supposed to give all the wimpy men a sense of power and control, that their legless hero could destroy a smart, beautiful, popular, famous, kind, successful woman.

Men are jealous of women, and the devil most of all. They glory in themselves and women are the glory of man. Men and satan want all the glory for themselves, or at least it is heading in that direction in this world.

Men act like little wimps competing with women. Give me a break. They don't have two legs to stand on.

575 days ago


So you all are basically saying you would let a cold blooded murderer into your home than a black pop singer who smacked around his whore of a girlfriend. You people are sick. I knew this country was rippled with idiots & on a fast decline when you numb wads gave Bush a 2nd term. Lord, have mercy on this country's soul.

575 days ago


For TMZ to even poll that question was quite douche worthy & slightly racist.

575 days ago


My opinion matters because I have all the facts! NOT and NOT!

575 days ago


Really people Chris Brown more violent?? He didn't murder anyone. He's just crazy. Oscar murdered her. Shot 4 times...

575 days ago


That's BS. You feel bad for the guy because of his condition and seeing him emotional, but the fact still remains that a woman is dead. What about her? What about her family? So our judicial system is not the only system that is corrupt.

575 days ago


TMZ you guys are sure CRAZY Chris did not kill anyone. Why don't you guys just leave him alone can you imagine how he is feeling now. TMZ you report the new but hurt others along the way, however Chis should just sue Harvey.

575 days ago


How is Chris "s***bag" Brown more violent than Oscar? I believe killing someone is way more of a violent act than beating someone, but hey, that's just me.

575 days ago


No one can judge this early on. EVERY white South African family I know lives in fear of home invasion burglaries and they all own guns, and they all have those guns at the ready in the home in case of the slightest noise.
I am not saying it did go down the way he says it did, I am just saying that there is a high probability that it could have happened.
As for the Chris Brown more violent comments - if OP is found to have committed premeditated murder then yes, he would be more violent, but as it stands at the moment, innocent until proven guilty, his was an accidental shooting compared to CB's very deliberate and hateful attack on his girlfriend. So at the moment, yeah..CB way more violent

575 days ago


I actually listened to the Judge's statement - bail hearing is not a trial. Judge was very critical of the evidence the State gave in support of their objections to bail eg. said he was a flight risk as he owned a house in Italy - their source was a magazine article and they did not check with Police or anyone in Italy. He may or not have murdered his girlfriend but the Prosecution seemed unaware that they needed to provide proof to support opposition of Bail.

575 days ago


Oscar is a murderer. He believes his own lies. Reeva's loving father is wrong to think that he wii suffer from guilt. Bad guys don't posses that emotion.

575 days ago
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