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Ben Affleck's Oscar Speech

Can He Recover

... At Home??

2/25/2013 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

022513_ben_affleck_oscars_v2_launchBen Affleck could probably use a ladder to get out of that hole he dug himself into at the Oscars last night when he called out the imperfections in his marriage to Jennifer Garner during his "Argo" victory speech. 

You could hear the nervous laughter from the crowd when Affleck -- who was racing through his speech -- said, "I want to thank my wife ... for working on our marriage for 10 Christmases."

He continued, "It's good ... it IS work, but it's the best kind of work ... and there's no one I'd rather work with."

We respect his honesty ... and Garner was smiling when the camera cut to her ... but how do you think the comment went over at home, behind closed doors?

We gotta ask ...


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I think they are fine. Marriage is work. Anyone who's married knows that ****. He was probably a little tipsy and tried to compliment her for being the glue in their marriage. He probably took the Oscar snub to heart and she glued the pieces of what a mess he was & he thanked her for her hard work to keep him focused.

502 days ago


i have always thought this guy is/was a HUGE douche... and i still believe that. i have heard him talk about his marriage in other interviews, and it sounds clear that he is not PRESENT. he wants to be doing other things, and is not mentally engaged. i don't know. he seems bored with his family, and that is a damn shame. the next angelina that comes along...

502 days ago


Must have been serving some good strong coffee at the Oscars

502 days ago


So not a story . Try to make something out of nothing

502 days ago


Everybody knows their marriage has been in trouble for years.

502 days ago


Is Kim Kardashian writing for TMZ now?? Because most people who have been married more than a MINUTE know that marriage is hard work and it's SUPPOSED to be!! So much of the joy comes as a result of the hard times!!! True growth and intimacy is a result of working through the hard times.

502 days ago


They just may have the only real, normal marriage in Hollywood. What he said was honest and simply awesome.

502 days ago


you idiots try to put a douche slant on anything!! that statemen t was more of a nod to her as most people of his stature in the biz are busy working ALL YEAR and perhaps the only quality time they usually have is during the xmas holiday break.

502 days ago

Janie Warren    

You are really looking sad and desperate TMZ. I can't believe the audience or home viewers even remotely took any sign of trouble away from that speech. It was heartfelt and sweet. Over dramatize much?

502 days ago


Gotta laugh at the "on the couch" question :D
Do some men really let their wives dictate where they sleep?
No woman will ever tell me I can't sleep in my own bed, if she's so mad at me she doesn't want to sleep with me that night, she knows where the couch is and she has two feet....Get to steppin' ;)

502 days ago


At least they are working on their marriage instead of divorcing like every other Hollywood couple.

502 days ago


I'm guessing that was a much smaller deal for her than all the times this douchebag has cheated on her over the years.

502 days ago


At least he's honest about it. Not like the Klum lady & Seal pretending everything was good right up until they filed for divorce. Also I suspect Affleck can't be that easy to live with. He just seems so boring & can you see wanting him in your house everyday? Blah, just doesn't seem like a very interesting person at all.

502 days ago


Marriage IS work. Especially a good marriage. It's NOT easy and anyone who says otherwise is a liar or kidding themselves. I thought it was adorable.

502 days ago


wtf i heard him say that and didnt think anything wrong from it EVERY marriage is work even in a happy one looks like they are committed to eachother.. keep it up!

502 days ago
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