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Authorities Are Cool

With My Weed Habit

2/25/2013 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

claims officials have given her the green light to get high on pot ... without fear of losing her 14 kids ... simply because she has a PRESCRIPTION for the green stuff ... TMZ has learned.

In a voicemail obtained by TMZ, Nadya Suleman explains how she told officials from the L.A. Dept. of Children and Family Services about her habit of indulging in a pot cookie every now and then.

Suleman says, "I told them the truth. I got my medical marijuana card, I don’t smoke 'cause it’s disgusting, disgusting and I could say in the past I have tried it, it’s sick."

"But once in a while in the past I have had a cookie ... and they said, 'Well you have your card ...'"

Octo is clearly referring to her medical marijuana prescription ... which sorta kinda makes it legal for her to use cannabis in the State of California.

The unspoken implication -- Octo has nothing to worry about.


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WELFARE money being used on her weed habit & nannies. No wonder she has NO incentive to ever find real work.

603 days ago


All u have to do to get a card is whine and complain and give a fake doctor $100 and he gives it to you. I see stupid 20 year olds whining they cant sleep amd POW they get one...f'ing burnouts.

603 days ago


People who complain and talk **** about bud are usually the people who have never tried it. Bit to each their own. If people want to complain and talk ****, y don't you talk **** about deadly things like ALCOHOL and CIGARETTES! Those. Are things that should be illegal. All the people with cancer and the people who die from drunk drivers and alcohol poisoning. Complain about that! Bit of course, the drunks aren't. How is it not OK to smoke a doobie every once in awhile but it's OK to get wasted drunk?! Which is even more unhealthy and dangerous depending on the situation. I've never heard of anyone overdosing on reefer :) Cigarettes kill.

603 days ago


Cookie, with all those rug rats you need a pound honey.

603 days ago


California tax payers r paying for her pot & supporting her kids! Seriously! Take kids away! She's a Looser

603 days ago

buzz kill    

With 14 kids who wouldn't need to take time to chill out now and then? Taking pharmacuticals, now that would be a problem.

603 days ago


Alcohol is legal & I'm sure CPS told her she can drink. But when these substances interfere with taking care of your kids, THAT IS THE PROBLEM! There have been numerous different people that report her carpets are pee soaked (in the new house), the kids aren't bathed, more graffiti on the walls, no food in the fridge (only soda), etc. so one has to conclude the legal pot, alcohol, & prescriptions ARE A PROBLEM!

603 days ago


She has every right to do pot in the privacy of her own home, because she got her pot card and California believes in her right to use medical marijuana. So you go girl, and burn one for me!

603 days ago


What's the difference between smoking it and eating it! Your only suppose to have a card for medicinal purposes. How the heck did she get one! She's having a cookie with 14 kids around. That makes sense.

603 days ago


Too bad for the kids, I don't care what reasons she says she needs the pot, she wants to get high. She already is stupid and silly enough without anymore help. Don't want to pay with my taxes for any pot, booze or cigs for anyone on welfare so I hope the money is coming out of her stripping jobs.

603 days ago


EVERY parent should be able allowed to smoke. Raising kids is STRESSFUL.

603 days ago


Her smoking weed is one thing, its everything else kids, welfare, addiction problems.

603 days ago


The only problem I see, besides the fact that she can't handle her kids now, is if one of the kids accidentally eats one.

603 days ago


Sorta ... kinda? Those words don't seem to apply here.

603 days ago


Wonder how long before we start reading about her children dying and it not being her fault because she never sees them, it's got to be the fault of the nannies that the taxpayers pay for taking care of the poor kids.

603 days ago
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