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Slathered in Fat Jokes

... By Joan Rivers

3/7/2013 12:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Adele is UNDER ATTACK ...  getting blasted with fat jokes by a major celebrity looking to pick a fight ... and it was all caught on tape.

So who's the person hurling all the hatred?? It's Joan Rivers ... DUH ... didn't you read the headline?

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Adele is a beautiful woman. Joan Rivers looks like a bad wax figure at the house of wax!!! she has had more holes put in her than a pin cushion!!!! Joan needs to look at herself before she talks about other people.!

592 days ago


People, this has nothing to do with Adele. Nothing. It is about an elderly comedienne, once known for caustic wit relying on the former to make fun of someone far more attractive and talented than she has ever been while she waits for another award show to come along so she can spew bile at The Beautiful People.

592 days ago


People, this has NOTHING to do with Adele...It is about an angry, unhappy has-been of a comedienne once renowned for her caustic and biting wit who has only the former left to work with, and until the next awards show no panty lines and hem lines to criticize she amused herself by attacking a genuinely talented, beautiful woman in Adele, till the next not thin enough for Joan woman celebrity she can spew at comes along.

592 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

This is coming from a woman who looks like Wayland Flower's puppet Madame!

592 days ago


**** Joan rivers. She needs to look in the mirror. She's no oil painting and neither is her horse face daughter. Adele is fine. She's about the size of a lot of people.

592 days ago


Joan Rivers plastic surgeon should inject a little more collagen in her lips to keep her from talking. She's an ugly old hag who makes money off making fun of people's looks and clothes. Has she not seen herself? Her face is a disaster and she doesn't dress nice half the time. She has no talent and she is not funny. At least Adele has a beautiful voice and a very promising career. I'd rather be Adele any day than Joan Rivers.

592 days ago


One is fat, one is old. One will have a longer...has had a longer career than the other.

591 days ago


So the plastic surgery train wreck is jealous of Adele's beautiful face and voice...give the old dog a biscuit for her desperate attempt at sick humor or better yet a muzzle over the stretched ugly mouth!

590 days ago


Guess Joan didn't get the memo Adele just had a baby and she might still be breastfeeding. I suppose now that her appointment book isnt as filled as it once was, she doesn't hear the gossip like her old days. Read the papers Joan and catch up.

589 days ago

Cara Baker    

This is the entertainment industry we are talking about. Get it? Joan makes fun of herself all the time and she has been doing her schtick for years! Educate yourselves and remember..this is the "entertainment" industry. Ever heard of a roast? must know yourself and what you believe in. Who cares what someone else says really! But, Joan is a comedian and she has her place in the industry just as much as anyone else. It's entertainment people! Some of it is hard core to a point, they put it out there people; but there is most definitely a sense of play. Haven't you ever heard that if someone picks on you they like you as well? So....You don't live your lives by it, I hope! Although.. I do have to say. I thought Adele was in her thirties. Not because of weight, just by the way she carries and presents herself. I was surprised to hear she was only 24 or in that age area. Regardless, I think she is talented, can really sing, and should ignore all the negativity in the world. Unless you can learn to take it with a grain of salt, just ignore it or leave it.

Also love Seth McFarlen. Put on your grown up pants and have fun with it. You should know where the line don't know there is actually a line.

589 days ago


The plastic surgeon should have kept on stitching..over joan's mouth!

546 days ago


On a show she said that's paris hilton's diaphragm (something on the wall). She is dated and has run out of material.

546 days ago
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